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Featured Halloween Articles Featured Articles
The latest Halloween articles from the staff of Halloween Online.
Halloween Costumes Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks and Makeup ideas.
Halloween Decorations Halloween Decorations
Halloween decorations you can make or buy for the spookiest night.
Halloween Recipes Halloween Recipes
Our cookbook filled with Halloween recipes, tasty tricks and treats.
Halloween Games Halloween Games
Spooky Halloween games adaptable for both kid's and adults.
Halloween Party Planning Halloween Party
Halloween Party planning and ideas for your festivities.
Halloween Safety Guide Halloween Safety
afety information, tips and suggestions for a safe Halloween.
Halloween Tips 101 Halloween Tips
That's right, 101 great Halloween tips, ideas and suggestions!
Halloween Props & Special FX Halloween Props
Spooky Special Effects and Props for your Halloween haunt.
Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin carving tips for carving your Halloween Jack O' Lanterns.
Halloween Music & Movie Reviews Movies & Music
Suggestions for the best Halloween music and Halloween movies.
Halloween Crafts Halloween Crafts
Halloween craft ideas and instructions for lots of Halloween fun.
High Tech Halloween High-Tech Halloween
Ghostly gadgets for your computer, cell-phone, Palm Pilot and more!
Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


The History of Halloween
A historical look at Halloween from its beginning in ancient times to today.

Halloween - A Sexy Holiday
An inside look at how adults are celebrating Halloween.

Celebrating Halloween all Month Long
Halloween is quickly becoming an all month long celebration.

Why we loved being scared on Halloween
Our take on the psychological and physiological phenomenon of fright.

Haunted Attractions - The New Extreme?
Are many Halloween haunts going to far and in the wrong direction for entertainment?

Surviving a Haunted Attraction
Our tips for going through and surviving a haunted attraction.

Also known as Halloween Tailgating, a simple concept and fun alternative for passing out treats.

Halloween and Religion
A look at current day views of Halloween by various religions.

Halloween Poems and Rhymes
Our favorite Halloween themed poems to tell on Halloween.

Halloween for Soldiers
Help our soldiers celebrate Halloween by sending a Halloween care package.

Day of the Dead Festival
Some history on the Mexican "Día de Muertos" festival and how you can celebrate it, too.

Prime Candy Locations
A guide to maximizing your candy gathering potential!

Halloween at School
Should Halloween festivities continue to be allowed in schools.

Storing Your Halloween Decorations
Tips and suggestions for organizing and storing your Halloween decorating.

How to Tell a Ghost Story
Tips and suggestions for telling ghost stories.

The Ancient Origins of Halloween
The spooky traditions and origins of Halloween.

Budgeting For Halloween
Handy tips for budgeting money for your Halloween expenses.

Halloween Milestones
Top thirteen events that we believe were important to Halloween in the twentieth century.

Lesley Bannatyne - Halloween Author
An American author who writes extensively on the subject of Halloween, especially its history, literature, and contemporary celebration.

13 Spooky Places
A travel guide to Thirteen spooky places to visit on or around Halloween!

Haunted Happenings - Salem, Massachusetts
Lafayette Cemetery - New Orleans, Louisiana
Halloween Capital of the World - Anoka, Minnesota
Underground City - Seattle, Washington
Disneyland's Haunted Mansion - California
A Pumpkin Festival - Anytown USA
Deadweird - Deadwood, South Dakota
Knott's Scary Farm - Southern California
Cassadaga - Central Florida
The Austin Bats - Austin, Texas
Haunted Ghost Tracks - San Antonio, Texas
The Marfa Mystery Lights - Marfa, Texas
Halloween Extravaganza - Las Vegas, Nevada

Halloween Reading
Check out our suggestions for some spooky Halloween reading below:

13 Scary Books For Adults
13 Scary Books For Teens
13 Scary Books For Kids

Halloween Booing
new trend that is becoming a full blown tradition across the country.

Halloween Scents by Goth Rosary
Ever wanted to smell like burning autumn leaves, incense and spiced pumpkin? You'll never wear anything else again!

Halloween Awards
How to reward special people for their creativity, talents and enthusiasm.

Halloween Art
Dark and beautiful artwork to brighten up your Halloween.

Elvira and I chat!
Elvira interview in text format & full interview video download.

Scare-actors 101 - Haunting Your Yard Haunt
Tips on  using helpers to scare the trick-or-treaters for your yard haunt this year.

How To Take Great Halloween Photographs
An informative article from the New York Institute of Photography.

Halloween and Party Trade Show
A trip to the biggest yearly Halloween show for professionals in the U.S..

Makeup & Effects Trade Show
Yearly tradeshow featuring the newest in professional make-up and effects.

Knott's Scary Farm - Behind The Scenes
A trip to the best theme park Halloween haunt ever.

The Future of Halloween
The next three years will be great for celebrating Halloween.

Why Bother to Save Halloween?
Each year more communities "ban" Halloween and why we must stop the maddness!

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 3
Opening night at the theme park that goes all out for Halloween.

Rob Talks With Dawn "Wraith" de LaMorté
Rob Zombie Chat Video - 1.9 meg - 28k 8 min / 56k 4 min.

Rob Zombie Accepting His Eyegore Award
Eyegore Video - 1.7 meg - 28k 7 min / 56k 3.5 min.


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