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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween has always been very popular with adults, but over recent years, the level of anticipation and participation by them has grown by leaps and bounds. And there's a very good reason why, its that one special night of the year that grown-ups can dress up as just about any fantasy character or creature they want and have their Halloween persona excepted. According to a recent Halloween survey, more than seventy-five percent of adults who participate in Halloween are going to wear a costume as part of their merrymaking.

This popularity goes far beyond helping the kids select their own costumes and handing out candy. We see more and more adults in costume when they hand out their treats at the front door, and many are even going out trick or treating themselves, often in groups. Many businesses hold an annual Halloween Office Party and allow, if not encourage, their employees to wear costumes to work as part of the Halloween spirit, not to mention promoting their business. Night clubs hold adult costume contests with some pretty hefty prizes for the best costumed person and/or couple.

But most of all, it has also become a social event for donning some spooky or mystical wardrobe and heading out to Halloween parties. Whether at someone's home, a local night club or the office, just about everyone enjoys the Halloween festivities. Halloween parties abound on and around October 31st. every year. Costume clad men and women frolicking in the streets, filling local night clubs for a costume party and dance, mingling at a friends home-held Halloween party and attending haunted attractions all make this a party holiday. The most popular years are when Halloween falls on either a Friday or Saturday for obvious reasons.

Halloween 2014 will fall on a Friday, allowing for a week-end of fun. This means that Halloween 2016 will fall on a Saturday, which has the same advantages. There won't be another Saturday Halloween until 2020, we'll be missing a Friday Halloween because of Leap Year in 2016. So, enjoy it when you can! Take the kids out for trick-or-treating on Friday night, maybe an adult party afterward or on Saturday. This is the best time for Halloween since you have an extra day or two to stretch out the fun. You'll find if you live in a big city, like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, that there are a ton of festivities for adults to attend which allows for couples and singles alike to live out their fantasies for not one but two or three nights.

While traditionally filled with ghouls, goblins, ghosts and other scary characters, Halloween night has become a very sexy holiday, particularly for women. Fanciful costumes and exotic makeup portraying enchanting Witches and seductive Vampires are always a great choice, and let us not forget the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira. That is one of the most worn costumes by women year after year and is it any wonder? Elvira is as iconic as they come for Halloween!

We are also seeing more and more Halloween Balls and organized parties being put on that push the limits and let adults be as sexy as they want to be. People from every walk of life are joining in and living out a fantasy for a night that they would never normally even think about in every day life and looking forward to the next Halloween so they can push the envelope even further. From the sexiest, smallest costumes for both men and women to entire body painting as their costume, adults are going wild for Halloween.

Its also a perfect time for couples to dress up together as anything they want to be from a Mad Scientist and Nurse to a Playboy and his Bunny, the possibilities seem endless! Every year you'll find new versions of Halloween costumes, from very sexy witch costumes to zombies, vampires, nurses, firewomen, pirates, Viking queens, super heroes, you name it! If you want to be it, you can find a costume or make one to fit your needs, wants and desires. Halloween costume shops open up all over the country at this time of year and there are many year round costume stores online. The biggest problem that you'll have is deciding what to be, if you want to do a couples costume or if you are a single person what can you pick up to attract the most attention. Check out our Make-up and Costumes section for more ideas!

Society as a whole seems to have some reflection on this. The more society seems to except everyday changes in the norm, such as grandmas with tattoos, moms with little kids dressed out shopping in an outfit best suited for the beach, changes in everyday clothing that would not have been acceptable even 20 years ago, it seems to have an effect on adults when making a decision on a Halloween costume. On one hand you have that aspect to society and on the other, you have a part of society that has become even more puritanical than it used to be. As a whole, our country as has always been that way and it seems as the years go by each side gets more extreme. People are becoming more daring and stepping outside the box in everyday life, so it goes with Halloween.

People with more out going personalities have always loved the holiday, but those who are socially shy often see Halloween as an opportunity to unshackle themselves from their personal inhibitions and be a little bit naughty. Just like the tale of the normally reserved librarian, who takes on a very different persona on the weekend, we have a close friend of who is normally very quite and shy, but changes completely around Halloween, transforming herself into a sexy vixen full of mischief. She always puts together a sexy costume and makeup ensemble as either an alluring witch or seductive vampire.

And why not, Halloween is the one time of the year that almost anything goes, allowing people to live out fantasies, if only for this one special night. Unlike other holidays, the social freedom and acceptance of Halloween gives people who are normally stressed out and/or emotionally restrained a chance to "let loose", get spooky, scary, naughty and even sexy without being judged. It's simply an assumed persona for a night of celebration. It allows a person to blow off steam and throw off the mantle of everyday life and be something else for even just one night. That's enough for most people, to be able to cut loose, have fun and do something and be something that they wouldn't normally be at any other time of the year.

Adults love Halloween just as much, if not more, than kids do and with good reason! Some adults have great memories of Halloween from when they were growing up and want to continue to enjoy it every year. Others are finding out what they missed growing up and making up for lost time. With everyday life in such turmoil right now, life is hard enough to take on a daily basis. Being whatever you want to be , going out with friends to a Halloween Ball or party and just having a good time lets them forget the stress that they are normally under so we ay "Let your freak flag fly!"

Make sure that this Halloween you select your favorite Halloween alter-ego and have fun!


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