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Halloween Guide and Ideas

Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Recipes

For most people, October starts off the best time of the year! The smells of pumpkin pie, apple cider, caramel apples and roasting pumpkin seeds bring back pleasant childhood memories from Halloween's past. It also gets us in the mood to cook up some of these tasty treats ourselves! Here are some of our favorite Halloween recipes to get you started on the path to making and serving spooky, but tasty treats!

Try out these Treats you can make at home!

Cookie Making Tips
To make your life easier, here's some great tips for cutting down on the work.

Candied Apples
A sweet and spicy delight that just screams "Autumn is here!"

Caramel Covered Apples
A classic Halloween treat that's easy to make and fun to eat.

Coffin Shaped Cake
Instructions for baking and decorating a coffin shaped Halloween cake.

Pumpkin Pie Tips
Lots of great tips for baking a pumpkin pie.

Tombstone Shaped Cake
Easy to make with either a cake form or cut it to shape your self.

Pumpkin Shaped Cake
Make a full sized cake using either a cake form or two Bunt cake molds.

Jack O' Lantern Shaped Cake
Cut into this fanciful cake that looks like a Halloween  Jack O' Lantern!

Skull Shaped Cake
Easy to make cake using a skull shaped cake pan.

Sugar Skulls
Making traditional Sugar Skulls for the Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

Halloween Cupcakes
Bake ordinary cupcakes and turn them into Halloween themed treats!

Halloween Party Treats
Things not quite cake or cookie like a graveyard cake, pudding treats and more.

Pumpkin Shaped Cookies
Give them a pumpkin look or do them up like a Jack O' Lantern.

Gingerbread Corpse Cookies
Have fun biting the heads off these cute deceased little gingerbread men.

Finger Shaped Cookies
Using a molded cookie pan make a variety of witch, mummy or monster finger cookies.

Gingersnap Coffin Cookies
Nothing like a coffin shaped ginger snap to have with a nice cup of hot apple cider.

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie
It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore! It's great any time during the fall season.

Pumpkin Pie from Scratch
How to make and bake a pumpkin pie from scratch using baking pumpkins.

Caramel Corn
A buttery handful of homemade caramel corn really hits the spot!

Alcohol Based Halloween Drinks
Tasty drinks for adult only Halloween parties.

Absinthe - The Green Fairy
The new Halloween drink of choice? Give this interesting liqueur a try!

Halloween Punch Recipes
Recipes to brew up some tasty Halloween beverages for your guests.

Halloween Punch Bowls
Show off your Halloween punch in decorative punch bowls for Halloween.

Punch Bowl Special FX
Try this neat trick to make your Halloween punch bowl glow!

Frozen Hand Effect
Keep your punch cold with this interesting ice form that's easy to make.

Candy Eyeballs
Cool things to do with store bought Gummi eyeballs to dress up your Halloween treats.

Chocolate Coated Marshmallow Ghosts
Use white chocolate, marshmallows and sucker sticks to make a tasty Halloween treat!

Chocolate Halloween Suckers
Using chocolate melts and sucker molds in Halloween shapes.

Jack O' Lantern Pizza
Using a giant cookie sheet to make a Jack O' Lantern pizza that the kids will love!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
An old fashion treat that's natural, easy to make and good for the whole family.

Bloody Pop-Corn
Make a batch of popcorn that even a vampire will love!

Gelatin Body Parts
Use body parts molds to make an edible centerpiece for your Halloween treat table.

Skull Jello Mold
Use your skull shaped cake pan to make a Jello mold centerpiece.

Jack O' Lantern Jello Mold
Use your Jack O' Lantern shaped cake pan to make a Jello mold centerpiece.

Rice Crispy Treats
Whether you make these in a pan or use a Halloween cake pan, thee always taste great!

Vampire Blood Pudding
Dress up simple instant pudding for a fancy Halloween dessert!

Spooky Pancakes
Use these incredible pancake molds to make skull and Jack O' Lantern pancakes.

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