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Halloween Guide and Ideas

Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween CandySo why would we dedicate an entire article just about candy eyeballs? The reason is that they work as a great decoration for all kinds of food and Halloween treats. There's just something really disturbing when your dinner or desert is staring back at you.

From Jell-O molds to cakes, or even actual dinner entree's, these creepy candies can really add a scary appearance to just about anything edible.

The truth is, none of the candy eyeballs that we have tried actually tasted that great, but for our purpose taste is not really that important. What is important is that they are edible and safe to put on or in food, and can really enhance it visually.

While there are several brands of candy that looks like eyeballs, our favorite type of candy peepers are the "Trolli" brand gummy eyeballs, because they look pretty good and seem to hold up well when placed in or on food. They come in different four colors, red, green, blue and yellow. You should know that in the package they appear to be blood-shot eyes, but this is only part of the packaging. The eyeball is solid white except for the colored iris and pupil.

As an example of what kind of an enhancement these creepy confections can make, the two pictures below show our Skull Jell-O Mold with and without candy eyeballs, see what a difference they make in the overall appearance.

Halloween RecipesHalloween Jell-O Mold

You can use them on just about anything, lets say you are having a sit-down spaghetti dinner, before placing the spaghetti filled plates on the table, position a couple of candy eyeballs on top. We like to place one in the center of each of our Halloween cupcakes for a disturbing effect.

We also tried to float candy eyeballs in our Halloween punch. Unfortunately, because there is more weight on the side that has the simulated iris and pupil, the whole thing flips upside-down and you can't see them. We have yet to come up with a safe way to counter-weight them so that they can be used in punch, but will continue to work on a solution.

So, the next time you cook-up one of your favorite Halloween recipes, consider adding a couple of creepy candy eyeballs to make it come alive.


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