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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas



Halloween Props & Special Effects

If you are like us you want to add new Halloween props and special effects to your Halloween haunt every year. Whether it's staring projects for your next haunt or making decorations for your house, there's plenty to do to prepare for Halloween! If you need any inspiration, you'll find it here. Or maybe you have a project in mind but don't know how to get started?

Using props and special effects in your Halloween haunt or around your home can add much enjoyment to your Halloween season. Whether it's fog machines, black lights, strobe lights or unusual props, even adding one new item a year can make your Halloween prop inventory grow.

Below are Halloween do-it-yourself projects that we have written and you can build yourself. There is also information and product reviews on pre-made Halloween decorations, props and special effects ready to buy. Well, take a look through our list of ideas and projects and get inspired!

Halloween Cemetery Entryway
Read our review of this beautiful Halloween prop made by Haunted Creations.
Halloween Tombstones
Suggestions, ideas and tips for using Halloween tombstones in your graveyard.
Do It Yourself Tombstones
Use our step-by-step visual tutorial to create your own realistic tombstones.
Halloween Tombstone Buying Guide
Consumer information for buying pre-made prop tombstones.
Simulated Thunder & Lightning
A very popular special effect for your Yard Haunt or Halloween Party.
Shorted Out Light Effect
Methods of simulating the effect of shorted-out lights and lamps.
Spooky Exterior House Lighting
Ways to illuminate the outside of your house.
Goblin Lights
An easy to create effect of strange dancing lights floating high above your home.
Halloween Black Lights
Just about everything you ever wanted to know about using black lights.
Strobe Light Frenzy
Strobe lights can be used to make a creepy and disorientating effect.
Light Sticks
How they work and how to use them for Halloween.
The Boneyard
Skeletons, Skulls and Bones from the Anatomical Chart Company.
The Necromancer's Circle of Bones
A very spooky display made up of skulls and bones.
Distressing a Bucky Skeleton
How to make a Bucky skeleton look old and fresh out of the grave.
Make a Rotting Corpse
An easy to build rotting corpse that the whole family can enjoy putting together.
The Grim Reaper
Build the Grim Reaper himself to menace your trick or treaters.
Vampire Skeleton Prop
Easily convert a Bucky skeleton into a deceased vampire skeleton.
Skeleton Stand
Build a nearly invisible stand for your Bucky skeleton.
The Hangman's Noose
Instructions on how to tie the  notorious Hangman's Noose.
Toe Pincher Coffin  - Product Review
Finally, a
Halloween coffin that looks great and is affordable.
Creepy things to put in a Coffin
Ideas to make a coffin even spookier than it already is.
Commercially Made Halloween Coffins
A coffin for Halloween, what could be more appropriate for a vampires home.
Trapped in the Coffin Prop
How to simulate a person trapped inside a coffin and trying to get out.
Coffin Display Stands
Suggestions for stands to display your Halloween coffin on.
Haunted Coffin Effect
How we made a haunted coffin special effect display.
The Last Ride
Check out this innovative casket ride created by Haunted Enterprises! It's a scary treat that you won't soon forget!
Boarded-Up Windows
An easy project for simulating boarded up window and door panels.
Dungeon Walls
Use this wallpaper to easily create the illusion of dungeon or castle stone walls.
Fog Machine FAQ
Commonly asked questions people want to know before buying a fog machine.
Mister Kool - Fog Machine
Check out this great off the shelf low-laying fog machine.
VEI Fog Machines
Entry level fog machines to add that final touch to your Halloween festivities.
Do It Yourself Fog Chiller
Our own design for a fog chilling system to produce low lying fog effects.
Vortex Effect
Imagine greeting your trick or treaters with a swirling vortex glowing the air above them.
Large Halloween Spider Webs
Bigger is better!
Large Halloween spider webs can be used to create an entire scene.
Using Stretchable Spider Web
Tips for using that stretchable spider web that comes in a bag.
What A Web We Weave
Read all about the amazing Cobweb Shooter from Terror by Design.
Creepy Cobwebs
How to add cobwebs to your Halloween haunt.
Window Video FX
Creepy videos that can turn the windows to your home into a virtual haunted house.
Haunted Doorbell
Hear your favorite scary sound effect or music when someone rings your doorbell.
Dry Ice Fun
What is it, how it's made and some of the eerie things you can do with dry-ice.
Halloween Dust
How to age your Halloween props and decorations with a layer of dust.
Chainsaw Horror
Use a chainsaw to put a scare into your visitors.
Camouflage Netting
Camo is great for yard haunts, creating mazes and haunted attractions.
Build A Phantasm Sphere
Instructions for building your own "Sentinel" sphere like in the movie Phantasm.
A Witches Cauldron
"Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!"
Got Blood?
An easy to make transfusion bottle for addition to your prop collection.
Spooky FX Video Sets
Videos show you how to create dozens of spooky props and special effects.

Finial's are the top pieces of gothic style wrought fences. If you plan on making your own gothic graveyard fence you will want to use these decorative piece's to the top of each picket.

HooverFence.com sells three different styles of plastic finials that are perfect for giving your fence that old cemetery look. Plastic finials are a lot less expensive than iron ones and are much easier to work with.



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