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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Karo Syrup bottle (empty)
Plastic aquarium tubing (4' )
Bailing wire (2' )
A Golf Tee

Hot glue gun
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Drill and 3/16" bit

Don't toss out those empty Karo Syrup bottles, they make great blood transfusion bottles!

Start by removing the plastic seal (ours was blue) from inside the lid with needle-nose pliers, the glue won't stick to it very well. Now carefully drill a hole the same diameter as your clear tubing through the center of the cap. Remove any plastic debris from the drilling, then lightly sand both the inside and outside the cap around the hole to help the glue stick to the plastic better. An emery board  works great.

After allowing the glue-gun to heat up to operating temperature, push one end of the plastic tubing through the hole until about a quarter of an inch sticks out from inside the cap. Carefully use the hot glue gun to thoroughly seal the tubing in place by surrounding the gap both inside and outside the cap. You can use plenty of glue on the inside as it will not show. While the glue is drying on the cap you can bend the bailing wire to make the wire for the hanger part of the bottle.

Making the metal hanger can be tricky and is difficult to see in the picture due to it's circular nature. Wearing eye protection and gloves just in case the bottle were to break, start by carefully bending the wire around the bottle just under where it becomes narrower (see photo left). Using the needle-nose pliers seal the circle by twisting the end around the other end of the wire.

Now bend the wire upwards and back down to make the hanger. Slip the end of the wire between the bottle and the wire circle and crimp. Cut off any extra wire. As an added safety measure you can tie a piece of fishing wire around the bottle and secure it to whatever you're using to hold the bottle. This way if the bottle should slip out of the wire it won't fall to the ground.

Bllod Lite, Anyone?Once the glue in the cap has thoroughly dried you can add your favor blood recipe to the bottle. Cut the head of the golf-tee off and push up into the end of the plastic tubing. This will simulate the needle. We spray painted our tee silver to give it a metallic look.

And there you have it, instant I.V. transfusion bottle! This can be used in lab scenes, mad doctor scenes or vampire scenes. Just tape it to the victims arm! Also you can leave the bottle blank or you can print out a label for the bottle on your computer.



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