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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Unless you are going to have your coffin on the ground in your Halloween graveyard, you will probably want to display it off of the ground.

When displaying our coffin, we like the top of the lid to be somewhere between knee and waist level when our visitors pass by. To do this, you will need to buy or build a set of coffin stands.

Wooden Pedestals
You can build a pair of do-it-yourself wooden pedestals to set a coffin on as part of a Halloween display. While the stands below were used for the
Toe Pincher Coffin, they could be used or adapted for just about any type of coffin or casket.

We cut two pieces of 12"x1"x8' pine lumber into eight pieces of equal lengths, twenty-four inches each. We made our cuts using a circular saw, but you could use a table saw or even have the lumber department where you buy the boards cut them for you for a small additional charge.

Using three 6x1-1/4" Fine Thread Drywall Screws on each side, we attached four of the boards together to form a square. We pre-drilled screw holes with a drill bit smaller than the screws as we assembled the pieces of wood to make screwing them in easier and to lessen the chance of splitting the wood.

To make a square from evenly cut boards, do not place two of the boards inside the other two as this will actually give you a slight rectangle. Click here for an example.

Next, we  added decorative molding around the top and bottom of each pedestal to add some style and extra stability. We chose a wide style of molding, mainly because of its size, but you can use any type you want. We used a miter-chop saw to make the 45 angled cuts and attached the molding to the top and bottom of the base using 1-3/4" finishing nails. We used a "Nail Set" to hammer in the last half-inch of each nail to avoid bashing the wood with the hammer. Once the molding has been attached, repeat the process to make a second Halloween pedestal.

Next, we applied wood putty over the screw-heads, nail holes, seams and any gaps, then smoothed the putty out with a putty knife to conceal them. After a little sanding, we hand painted the pedestals with two coats of semi-gloss black acrylic paint, allowing sufficient drying time between each coat.

Once the paint has had time to dry, the stands are ready to display your Halloween coffin or other Halloween decoration on.

Notes - While we painted our coffin stands black, you can paint them any color you want or you could use Krylon "Make It Stone" textured spray paint to give the stands the appearance that they are made from stone.

We did not cover the top or bottom opening of our stands because they would not show when the coffin is setting on top of them, but you could easily insert pieces of wood cut to the inside measurements of the openings and nail them in place.

If you are worried about scratching the bottom surface of the coffin, you can glue black felt on to the top of the stand.

Click here for other Coffin Stand ideas


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