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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Jello MoldJack O' Lantern Jello Mold
Jello molds are a favorite holiday dessert and we'll help to take the guess work out of making them. This Jack O' Lantern shaped Jello mold looks great sitting on your serving table as a spooky Halloween treat!

Needless to say, we use orange flavored Jell-O because of its orange color and sweet flavor. The pan we used is actually a Jack O' Lantern shaped cake baking pan, but it can also be used for creating a gelatin mold.

Halloween Jello MoldThis non-stick Jack O' Lantern shaped aluminum pan measures nine inches across and a little more than an inch deep. Wash the pan out thoroughly with warm, soapy water to insure that it is clean before using, then dry it completely with paper towel.

Spray or wipe a small amount of vegetable oil to lightly coat the inside the pan, making sure to get all the crevices. Then, using paper towel, wipe out any excess oil and set the pan aside for now.

Halloween Jello MoldNow its time to make the Jello. Follow the directions on the Jello dessert box, mixing either one six ounce package or two, three ounce packages of Orange flavored Jello in a large mixing bowl or a large measuring cup as we did, with one important exception. For a firmer and stronger Jello mold that will be much less likely to tear apart when you remove it from the pan, you will need to decrease the amount of cold water from two cups to one and a half cups.

Rather than pouring the gelatin mixture into the pan and then trying to get it into the refrigerator without it spilling over the edges, we do it the other way around by placing the pan in the refrigerator first and then carefully pouring the gelatin into it until it is as close to the top as possible without it spilling over. The closer it is to the top, the easier it will be to remove it from the pan.

Halloween Jello MoldAllow the gelatin to setup for at least four hours. There are two tests that the Jello should pass to make sure that it has setup and is ready to be removed from its mold. First, lightly place a finger on its surface, it should not be sticky to the touch. Next is the tilt test. Tilt the mold about 45 to see if the Jello sag's to the side of the pan, if it does its not ready.

Unfortunately, releasing the Jello from the mold is not always as easy as you might think, and even though you coated the inside of the plastic pan with a thin coat of cooking oil, the Jello mold probably won't just slip out of the pan. When the Jello has setup and is firm, run the tip of a thin knife between the Jello and the pan about a 1/2" deep to help loosen it. Then, use your fingers to gently pull the surface of the Jello away from the top edge of the pan.

Halloween Jello MoldNext, you will need to warm the pan to slightly soften the outer surface of the Jello just a bit. To do this, fill a large bowl with a few of inches of warm water. Don't use hot water as this will melt the gelatin. Holding the pan on either side, dip it into the warm water for about ten seconds.

Don't let the water flow over the edge of the pan and onto the Jello. Lift the pan out of the water and give it a few sideways shakes to help loosen it from the pan.

Place your serving tray centered on top of the pan and invert them together. Before lifting the pan, gently slide the mold to the center of the serving dish if needed. Slowly lift the pan from one side and the Jello should slip and onto the serving tray. If the Jello doesn't slip out, dip the pan in warm water again for ten seconds. Keep the mold refrigerated until ready to serve. To serve, slice with a thin, sharp knife and place on Halloween dessert plates.

If you want a topping to serve on the side, you can add a very small amount of red and blue food color to a container of Cool Whip for a nice purple topping. You can also garnish the serving dish by placing candy around the Jell-O mold. You can also garnish the serving dish by placing candy around the Jello mold.


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