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Halloween Recipes

Whether its at a Halloween party, nightclub decorated with a Halloween theme or some other spooky event, many adults enjoy cutting-loose and drinking on Halloween. In the last decade or so, an old world drink has risen from the grave and become very popular once again, and that drink is Absinthe.

Absinthe is an herb flavored distilled liquor, usually emerald green in color, that turns a white milky color when mixed with water. It was invented by Dr. Pierre Ordinaire and was first produced commercially in 1797 by Henry-Louis Pernod. Called "La Fee Verte" (The Green Fairy) by the French, Absinthe was very popular during the late eighteen-hundreds and has now made a come-back. For more information about Absinthe visit The Wormwood Society.

Every October, my wife and I host two different types of Halloween parties, one of which is a formal sit-down dinner party just for our closest adult friends. The evening typically begins with dinner and dessert, followed by drinks and conversation. This past Halloween, we decided to try something a little different, we served our guests Absinthe in the traditional Parisian manner. They had all heard of the potent liquor and were eager to try it.

Since there is a lot of mystery and misconception surrounding this unusual liquor, I began by explaining the difference between reality and fantasy when it came to Absinthe. Drinking Absinthe does not cause chemically induced hallucinations and make you run wild into the night. Well, not anymore that any other strong alcoholic drink does. It is very strong, typically having an alcohol content ranging between forty and eighty percent, that's anywhere from eighty to one-hundred-sixty proof! It will cause intoxication quickly if not consumed in slowly and over time. Like all alcoholic beverages, it should be drank in moderation.

Since we really wanted to create an atmosphere conducive to the Green Fairy, we changed out the orange and black Halloween candles to bright green ones, switched on lamps that we had earlier replaced the ordinary light bulbs with green colored bulbs and played background music by Nox Arcana to set the mood.

Once the dinning table was cleared, we placed a Perigord Absinthe glass and special slotted spoon before each of our honored guests. Each glass received a single shot (one ounce) of emerald green colored Absinthe. While just about any type of glass can be used, serving this drink in special absinthe glasses such as the Perigord style that have a liquor reservoir at the bottom is both an elegant and practical way to serve this exotic drink.

Our guests were instructed to rest the slotted spoon on the rim of the glass and place two sugar cubes on top of the spoon. Lastly, from our beautiful Absinthe fountain, each guest was shown how to dispense about three ounces of the ice-cold water slowly over the sugar cubes, causing them to dissolve with the water and flow down through the slots in the spoon. The spoon is then used to stir the mixture, which will turn milky colored, called louche. Our guests loved this unusual drink and it turned out to be the ultimate in Halloween treats!

Buyer beware! Not all Absinthe is created using the original formula as a base. There are many Absinthe imposters on the market.


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