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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Recipes - Halloween PunchWe try to mix up our Halloween punch based on the theme of our Halloween party. For instance, when we had a Vampire themed party, we made cherry flavored punch because of its bright red color. When the theme was Zombies, we used a ghoulish green punch.

For our Halloween punch we always use Kool-Aid, usually the pre-sweetened type. Its very easy to make, tastes great and has many different flavors and colors. If your punch bowl runs dry, you can mix up more in minutes. When filling the punch bowl, leave room for ice! Don't fill all the way to the top or it may spill.

While there are many different Halloween style punch bowls available, we prefer to use a clear glass or plastic punch bowl. They show the color of the punch better and you can use a Pumpkin Light under the punch bowl for a great special effect.

What color represents Halloween the best? Why, orange of course! Using Orange flavored non-sweetened Kool-Aid or pre-sweetened Kool-Aid, mix up enough to fill your punch bowl. You can add creepy hand shaped ice, using plastic food handlers gloves, fill with water, tie off the top and freeze.

Using a Pumpkin Light under the punch bowl for a great special effect really reflects off the ice no matter what kind you use! We've come up with an idea that makes this very easy, click the link above and read the article.

Halloween Recipes - Halloween Punch

Can't find a blood bank for some real vampire Punch? Cherry flavored non-sweetened Kool-Aid or pre-sweetened Kool-Aid with its bright red color and sweet taste works almost as well! Mix enough Cherry flavored Kool-Aid as directed for your punch bowl.

To add a little extra creepiness to your punch, you could float some wax fangs in the bowl or make ice using the plastic full mouth fangs. They come in 12 packs, just fill with water, freeze, push out and float. But beware, they melt fast!

Halloween Recipes - Halloween Punch

A classic, lemon-aid with its tangy flavor makes an enchanting Halloween punch. Mix up a batch of non-sweetened Kool-Aid or pre-sweetened Kool-Aid in Lemon-aid flavor and fill up your cauldron, oops, we mean your punch bowl. Leave room for ice to keep it chilled.

Float a couple hands of ice, add a little green food coloring to the water and they'll have a ghastly contrast to the punch. Using a Pumpkin Light under the punch bowl for a great special effect really gives this color Kool-Aid lovely glow!

Halloween Recipes - Halloween Punch

Need something green and tasty for all those Ghouls and Zombies your expecting Halloween Night? Just mix up enough lemon-lime flavored non-sweetened Kool-Aid or pre-sweetened Kool-Aid for your punch bowl and your all set for an invasion of the undead.

Ice hands go well with this punch. You can also find gelatin molds for making brains, hearts and other organs in Halloween stores that work just as well for ice. Add a Pumpkin Light under the punch bowl for a great special effect really gives this Zombie Punch an eerie glow!

Halloween Recipes - Halloween Punch

Soft Apple Cider is a wonderful beverage to serve your Halloween guests! The best tasting cider is 100% apple, with no water or sugar added. Cider that has been pasteurized offers a safer product without changing the flavor. You can serve apple cider from the jug, we prefer buying it in glass jugs, or from a punch bowl.

Every October we visit Oak Glen, to pick our own McIntosh apples for our Candy and Carmel covered apples, and to buy fresh pressed apple cider.

Halloween Recipes - Halloween Punch


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