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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


If you can get teens interested in reading a good book, it will start a life long love of reading. What better way to share the joys of reading than by starting out with some good, scary Halloween fare?

R.L.Stine's Fear Street and Point Horror series have long been a favorite of both teens and adults. The stories are more than a little scary, sometimes humorous, and most of all entertaining to horror lovers, young and old. We recommend them as good Halloween entertainment to get teens hooked on books! They are age appropriate but parents may want to read first for approval.

If you want some web-based fiction, be sure to visit www.HalloweenGhostStories.com for a collection of some great ghost stories! Some are original works, some old standards like Poe. You'll also find Urban Legends, poems and other goodies there. Most of the original stories are more adult oriented so, keep the kids away!

The Nightmare Room, Books 1-2-3: The Nightmare Begins!  by R.L. Stine
Don't Forget Me! - Danielle hypnotized her brother as a joke -- but now she can't wake him up! Locker 13 - Will Luke defeat the evil Fate Master who lives in his locker? Or will he pass the curse on to his best friend? My Name Is Evil - Maggie has her palm read at a carnival -- and then the terrifying accidents begin!

Dangerous Girls by R. L. Stine
Destiny and Livvy are completing their summer jobs as camp counselors. Their mother committed suicide only months before, and they found the camp a healing environment. Little did they know that one of the other counselors, a mysterious and very handsome young man with an Italian accent, would be the cause of much tragedy and distress for the twins in upcoming weeks.

Beware! by R.L. Stine
These are some of R.L. Stine's favorite scary stories. Discover a ghastly secret in "The Judge's House," a terrifying tale of evil rats by Bram Stoker. Laugh out loud at the scary surprises in poems by Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. Visit an evil carnival in "The Black Ferris" by Ray Bradbury. (R.L. Stine says this story changed his life!). Anthology.

Call Waiting (Point Horror Series) by R. L. Stine
Karen is about to lose her boyfriend and will do anything to keep him. Even if that means making crank calls to herself that suddenly become real. Is Karen losing her mind or is something even more sinister going on?

The Babysitter (Point Horror Series) by R.L. Stine
Against her better judgment, Jenny takes a babysitting job with the strange people down the road. They seem a little too nervous and secretive for her liking. Is there a mystery behind the family?

The Girlfriend (Point Horror Series) by R. L. Stine
Scotty Singleton is the high school hero. A senior, on the football team, handsome with a great girlfriend. He's got everything a guy his age could ask for. But while girlfriend Lora is on vacation Scotty hooks up with a stranger that doesn't want to let him go! And she'll hang on to him no matter what!

The Perfect Date (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
After his girlfriend's gruesome death one year ago, Brady is finally ready to get on with his life. He's met Rosha and he's fallen hard. But he's also fallen into trouble. Terrible accidents seem to happen whenever Rosha's around. Is Rosha really Brady's dream girl? Or has she brought his worst nightmare back to life?

The Stepsister (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
Emily wants to like her stepsister, but it hasn't been easy. As soon as Jessie moves in, she takes over Emily's room, steals Emily's clothes, and lies to everyone. Then Emily picks up Jessie's diary and learns a horrifying secret. Is Jessie really capable of murder? Emily tries to tell her parents, but no one believes her. So it's up to Emily to expose the real Jessie -- if she can stay alive.

The New Girl (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
First of the Fear Street series, Corey falls in love with Anna, the new girl at Shadyside high school. The only problem is that he can't tell if she's real--most of his friends have never seen her on campus, and she's not listed in the school's files. In desperation, Corey goes to Anna's house --located on infamous Fear Street--and there a man tells Corey that Anna is dead.

Halloween Party (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
The new girl at Shadyside high school is throwing a Halloween party! But not everyone is invited! She's only inviting certain people to a party filled with food, pranks and a scary night for all. Why is she doing what she's doing? Who is this mysterious new girl and why is she here?

The Boy Next Door (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
Scotty is new to Shadyside and the girl he moves next door to thinks he's great! She and her friends go all out to impress him, make-up, clothes and hair. But Scotty has a secret, he has a hatred for girls who over do it. Is Scotty a boy with a murderous secret? Find out what happens to them!

Double Date (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
Bobby was like a High school hot shot. All the girls wanted him and he dated as many as he could. But his reasons for doing so are not what they seem. Bobby's conceited nature could get him into trouble when the twin sisters that have moved to Shadyside both date him. They find out what Bobby's really all about. It's time to teach Bobby a lesson he'll never forget!

Bad Dreams (Fear Street) by R. L. Stine
Sisters Maggie and Andrea move into a run down house in Shadyside along with their mom. The sisters argue about everything. They even fight over who gets the beautiful old bed left in the house. Soon, Maggie starts having nightmares. Is it the bed? Is it the house? Will her dreams become reality? And if they do, who will be her killer?


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