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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


On October 9th, 1999, I had the great pleasure of chatting with the Queen of Halloween herself, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, at Knott's Scary Farm, in Buena Park, California. The right column is our abridged text version with pictures to the right. If you'd like to view the unabridged video interview, just scroll down to the bottom of this page and follow instructions.

This is a very special year for Elvira at Knott's Scary Farm. It's her thirteenth time to act as their official hostess. Her stage show this year, "Elvira's Ghost Stories Spooktacular" is all new for 1999 and is a must see!

More deadly than ever, the vivacious vixen brings down the house with an original big-stage extravaganza combining her seductive song, dance and comedic talents with elaborate sets, special effects and the Haunt ensemble dancers.

Knott's also has a new Halloween attraction, "Elvira's Nightmare" where their scare-masters have come up with a marvelously macabre maze -- every nook and cranny offers its own seductive sight, sound or sensation of the mesmerizing Mistress.

Here, beyond Elvira's sultry voice and visage, are mystifying creatures that constantly change form to give you a living nightmare you won't soon forget.

Elvira's official website, now in it's fifth year, is continually adding new features, including; Elvira's Home Theatre, which will offer video streams of short digital clips of Elvira herself!

Elvira's Attic, is a new merchandise section, offering non-Elvira horror and sci-fi collectables and Elvira's Haunted House Guide, a national directory of haunted houses. Elvira.com is a fan's ultimate dream site; offering updated information on Elvira happenings, Elvira merchandise, a pictorial of Elvira's illustrious history and more.

Also in development for the new Halloween season are: Streaming Audio and Video clips of Elvira, plus many more of life's little necessities in the Elvira's Merchandise section. Wouldn't an Elvira action figure just make your night?

Elvira will be making numerous appearances on the Internet this coming Halloween season as she has been doing since the net's early days.

Do you have a Halloween Event that needs to be listed? A new service for listing haunts can be found there! Elvira's Haunted House Directory is a guide to Haunted Houses across the nation.

Be sure to check out their new Shockwave games and puzzles specially developed for Elvira by Shockwave on their Fun House page!

Also at Elvira.com, you can find her costume, wig, make-up and jewelry if you'd like to go as Elvira this Halloween season. Everything you'll need can be found right there.

Did you know that Elvira has two books out? Transylvania 90210 and Camp Vamp. You can find them both at her web site! Looking for some special Halloween lights? She has them at Elvira.com! Want her car, the Macabre Mobile? You can by the real thing in miniature!

Elvira recently finished shooting her hosting duties on Attack of the 50 Foot Monstermania, a documentary tribute to giant monsters & creatures in film. Premier air date will be in October 1999 on American Movie Classics.

Also, Bride of Monstermania, a documentary tribute to women monsters in films will have its premiere air date sometime 1999 on American Movie Classics.

As always, we had a wonderful time talking with Elvira. Be sure to make Knott's Scary Farm and Elvira's Ghost Stories revue a part of your Halloween happenings this season!

It's a great way to end the millennium. And just think, if the world does end, you can die happy after seeing Elvira's show! I know I will...


Windows Users: To download and play the unabridged video-clip left-click here . When it has finished downloading, the clip will start playing in Media Player. Be sure you have your speakers turned on. This clip is in mpg format, is 3 megabytes in size and takes about 6 minutes to download if connected at 56k.

If you've never visited the Official Elvira Web Site or haven't been there recently, there's lots of new stuff, so now is the time!

Offical Elvira Web Site



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