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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Ghost StoriesWhether its on Halloween night or simply sitting around the campfire, telling ghost stories is an age-old tradition. The idea of course is to tell a story that frightens the listeners in a fun, frightening and entertaining way.

Typically these short stories center around some sort of supernatural or malevolent occurrence or creature such as a haunted house, ghosts, vampires, monsters, crazed killers and the like. And while most ghost stories are pure fiction or urban legends that may or may not have any truth to them, some are the real thing, or at least have some shred of truth to them. To be good at telling ghost stories you need to keep several things in mind.

Whether you tell a known ghost story, adapt one to your needs or create a completely original story, it should be believable and able to hold the interest of its listeners. Tell important aspects of the story in enough detail so that they can visualize the events taking place, but not so much as to slow down the flow of the story.

Ghost stories are usually told as a though is were a historical event or sometimes as something that is currently taking place. Provide a basic setting that includes the time period of the event, the location where it happened, any fabricated historical facts. Do a little research and find stories that are fairly short and believable.

There are plenty of real or at least possibly real "scary" stories and urban legends out there that you can use. Some would be the "Haunted Railroad Tracks" in San Antonio, Texas, or the "Mothman" of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, or the "Chupacabra" along the American-Mexican boarder and local "Big Foot", sightings, which are always good for a scare. The Halloween Ghost Stories website has a great collection of ghost stories!

If the story that center around a place it should contain vivid details so that listeners can visualize it in their minds and possibly relate to a place they've been to or know about. Stories that revolve around a person or group of people should have characters that are believable. Make the characters real by giving some information about them. Don't do this all at once, but over the course of the story.

Adapt the stories as needed, but most importantly, learn the story by heart. If you sound like you yourself believe the story to be true, everyone else will. If you sound like you are making it up as you go along, no one will believe you. If a story is to long or doesn't get to a scary fairly soon, your listeners will get restless and then bored.

Remember, a scary story doesn't have to be gruesome to frighten people. While many of these stories are bloody and horrific, others are simply creepy and shocking. If one or more people become very scared, tone down the story. If young children are present, keep the stories more on the light hearted side and not too scary. Needless to say, you shouldn't tell extremely scary stories to young children.

A fun game, particularly at a Halloween party where there is a group of people, is for each person to take three minutes to tell part of a story, and then the next person has three minutes to add on to it, and so on.

Below is an anatomy of a very short ghost story. The text in black is the actual story and the text in red are suggestions and explanations of the elements.

"A Message from the Grave"

I remember, back in the eighties, there was this elderly lady name Mrs. Bradley, who lived over on Jackson street, that's the street on the other side of Riverside cemetery. By saying when it took place, you set a time to the tale. Find out the name of the street next over from your local cemetery and use it. Add the cemetery name in as well. This will add known locations to the story.

Well, her husband, John I think his name was, had passed away the week before, but on his death-bed, he had told her that he needed to tell her something very important, something that she really needed to know. It was 8:30pm and visiting hours were ending, so she told him he should just rest, and she went home without finding out what he wanted to tell her. This will tie-in in to the story later.

That night, there was terrible storm, lots of thunder and lightning. Worst storm we'd had in years! John passed away that night and Mrs. Bradley never did get to hear what he wanted to tell her. Most people get a little spooked during a storm, this adds an element of scariness to the story.

Three days later, there was a funeral for John, half the town went. Everyone liked that old guy! Mrs. Bradley kept thinking about how bad she felt that he never got to tell her what he had wanted to.

There was another bad storm that night, the kind that knocks out electricity and phones, really bad! At 9:33pm that night her phone rang. She answered the phone but she could only hear moaning on the other end. Even though no words were spoken, she said that it had sounded just like her husband. This lasted for a few minutes, then the line went dead. She said she got at least four calls like that during the night.

The next day, she tried to call her neighbor, Mrs. Jones, you've heard of her, if she would drive her to the cemetery so she could place flowers on her husbands grave but the phone lines were still out.. So she she walked next door and asked her. Adding in another person with a known name to the people listening to the story gives credence to what they discover.

As they approached, they saw several utility men working near the grave. Mrs. Bradley asked what they were doing, they told her that during the storm, a telephone line had fallen down and was laying across this grave. She looked at the headstone they pointed to and saw that it was her dead husbands grave! Adding in another person gives credence to what they discover.

Were the phone calls she had received the night before made from beyond the grave by her dead husband, trying to tell her what he wanted to before he died?



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