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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Marfa, Texas - The Marfa Mystery Lights
Marfa Texas for HalloweenThe Marfa Lights are named after the town of Marfa, Texas and is a wonderful spot to spend Halloween. Supported mostly by ranching, the area is surrounded by vast mountain ranges.

The Ghost Lights of Marfa still shine as bright as ever, and are still as mysterious as they were when they were first seen by early settlers who drove their herds of cattle into the Marfa area in the late eighteen-hundreds.

See the Marfa Lights for HalloweenWhat are these mysterious lights? That is a mystery that is no closer to being solved now than when they were first seen more than a hundred years ago. The Marfa Lights are reported to be between one and ten feet in diameter.

They are spherical and reddish-orange in color. They have been observed to vary their size and fly from very slow to very high speeds. Numerous photographs and video footage have captured these lights in action. Marfa Lights are generally considered to be harmless.

Marfa Texas for a Halloween AdventureThe lights appear at random, during all kinds of weather, at no particular time, and during no particular season. The ghost lights appear in many different ways to different people. Some swear they have seen them divide to form separate balls of light.

Others claim that they have seen them move up and down. All agree that they glow as softly as a star at times, then brighten to the intensity of a spotlight. Sometimes they blink on and off.

Visit Marfa Texas for HalloweenThere are also accounts of people who say they have actually been pursued by these strange lights, although we have never heard of anyone being harmed.

Some believe that the lights are nothing more than high-powered lights from local ranches or that they are the reflected headlights from nearby cars and trucks, but that doesn't explain why they have been reported since the eighteen-hundreds, well before electricity or vehicles ever reached the area.

Marfa Mystery Light for HalloweenA Marfa lights viewing site has been provided for the public on Highway 90, by the Texas Highway department. It is located nine miles east of Marfa. Ghost light watchers can park in the area and watch the south-western horizon, looking toward Chinati Peak.

Using a distant blinking red tower light as a marker, one can be certain that any light to the right of the marker, is a Marfa ghost light. You will know them when you see them. There is no mistaking them.

Marfa Texas for HalloweenBefore heading out for Marfa, it is important to remember that it is a small community. There are several small motels for lodging and restaurants for eating. If you go for Halloween don't expect to find any commercial haunted attractions or big and wild Halloween parties here.

What you can expect is good hospitality from the locals, who love Halloween just as much as anyone else. Have a great time and be sure to have your camera ready at all times!

When visiting or investigating any spooky place be sure to obey all local laws and always respect the privacy of land owners and residents. Always get advance permission to enter private property. Never trespass on, take anything from or damage anyone's private property. Always show respect!



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