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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Booing, also called Ghosting, is kind of like the old chain letter idea. If you aren't old enough to remember chain letters, it worked like this. You sent, say, five letters to people, usually money was involved like a dollar bill. The five people sent the same letter out and moved their name up on the list of people included inside and you'd end up with a hundred dollars if everyone did it right. There was always a threat of bad luck to anyone who broke the chain. It was popular in the 70's and fortunately has died out.

Booing works under the same principle except that it's fun and there's no money or threat involved. You make two treat bags and place one each at the front door of two different neighbors. You can deliver them on the same night but make sure that you are not seen. Half the fun in doing this is the anonymity of it. Place the bag at the neighbor's front door, ring the door bell or knock and then run! You don't want them to see that it was you that did it. Inside the bag, they will find some Halloween candy, a poem/letter describing Booing and a picture of a ghost or (as we did) a hand made felt ghost to put on their front door. They'll be sticking the ghost on their front door to show that they have been Boo-ed already so no one else will hit them again.

If they have the Halloween spirit, they'll do what the note says and make two bags and repeat the process themselves with two other neighbors. Booing can be started anytime during October. The earlier you start, the better chance you have of more Ghosts spreading around!

To Boo someone, you first make up a couple of treat bags for two of your neighbors. Use brown lunch bags or Halloween treat bags, enough Halloween candy for the two bags, a copy of the "You've Been Boo-ed" letter and two ghost pictures or felt cut-outs. Put some candy, one letter and one ghost picture or felt cut-out in each of the bags.

Wait till it's dark and sneak over to a neighbor's house, leave the bag on their porch, ring the bell or knock on the door and run away. The point is to not let them see you! If it works out, your Boo-ed neighbors will do the same and Boo two more people. Before you know it, your whole town will have Boo-ed each other! If you have your kids do this, make sure that an adult goes with them when they go Booing. If it doesn't look like your neighbors are pitching in after a couple days have gone by, then Boo a couple more houses until others join in!

You'll need to put a note in the bag that explains what Booing is about, you can use the poem below or write one of your own. If you write your own, make it clear and concise so that it explains exactly what they need to do to carry on the Booing chain.

"You've Been BOOED"

This friendly "Ghost" has come your way, now pass two more on within two days!

Choose two neighbors, friends that will join in! Let the door to door "Booing" begin!

You'll need two treat bags and candy for two, make two copies of this letter and two Booing Ghosts will do!

Fill a bag with candy and treats. Drop in this letter and the ghost and then repeat!

Don't forget to hang this Ghost upon your front door, if you forget, well, you might get more!

Now wait until the sun goes down and sneak to their front door, looking around!

Set the bag down and ring the door bell, then get run away fast and never tell!

They'll open the door and find a treat, watch the smile on their face, it's really quite sweet!

Do this when it's dark and kids, go with an adult. Leave it on the porch, ring the door bell and run! The object is to not let anyone know who is Booing each other for fun!

See how many Booing Ghosts pop up on doors before Halloween! To not spread the Ghosts, is frankly, just mean!

Happy Halloween! Let's start this tradition of "Booing" in our neighborhood, please join in!

That's about it! It's easy to do, it's fun and put will put your friends and neighbors in a Halloween mood. You can buy Halloween treat bags right after Halloween when they go on sale and save them for the next year. To make felt ghost, you just need a couple squares of white felt. Cut out the ghost shape, use a black felt pen to make the eyes and write "BOO!" on it somewhere.


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