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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Our favorite Halloween themed poems!

by Mary Jane Carr

Witches flying past on broomsticks,
Black cats leaping here and there,
Black-robed spooks on every corner,
Mournful moaning in the air,

Goblins peering out of windows,
Spirit-things that rap and run-
But don't be scared-it's just October,
Having one last hour of fun!

Haunted House
by Jack Prelutsky

There's a house upon the hilltop
We will not go inside
For that is where the witches live,
Where ghosts and goblins hide.

Tonight they have their party,
All the lights are burning bright,
But oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

The demons there are whirling
And the spirits swirl about.
They sing their songs to Halloween.
"Come join the fun," they shout.

But we do not want to go there
So we run with all our might
And oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

Poem from the 1978 Movie

Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts,
Covens of witches with all of their hosts.

You may think they scare me, you're probably right.
Black cats and goblins, on Halloween night.

Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween
Author Unknown

Jack-o-lantern smiling bright
Witches flying in the night
Ghosts and goblins, cats and bats
Witches with their pointed hats
A full moon can't be beat
As we go out to Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

by Richard Anderson

A gentle breeze rustling the dry cornstalks.
A sound is heard, a goblin walks.

A harvest moon suffers a black cat's cry.
Oh' do the witches fly!

Bonfire catches a pumpkins gleem.
Rejoice, it's Halloween!

by Harry Behn

Tonight is the night
When dead leaves fly
Like witches on switches
Across the sky,

When elf and sprite
Flit through the night
On a moony sheen.

Tonight is the night
When leaves make a sound
Like a gnome in his home
Under the ground,
When spooks and trolls
Creep out of holes
Mossy and green.

Tonight is the night
When pumpkins stare
Through sheaves and leaves
When ghouls and ghost
And goblin host
Dance round their queen.
It's Halloween.

Author Unknown

She walked in beauty like the night.
Beware her now, she's such a fright!

Death's Grip Holds Me Tight,
But I Shall Return One Night!

by Paisley Rekdal

unveil themselves in dark.
They hang, each a jagged,

silken sleeve, from moonlit rafters bright
as polished knives. They swim

the muddled air and keen
like supersonic babies, the sound

we imagine empty wombs might make
in women who can’t fill them up.

A clasp, a scratch, a sigh.
They drink fruit dry.

And wheel, against feverish light flung hard
upon their faces,

in circles that nauseate.
Imagine one at breast or neck,

Patterning a name in driblets of iodine
that spatter your skin stars.

They flutter, shake like mystics.
They materialize. Revelatory

as a stranger’s underthings found tossed
upon the marital bed, you tremble

even at the thought. Asleep,
you tear your fingers

and search the sheets all night.
Halloween Wishes
Author Unknown

Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
Halloween spirits, ghosts and cats,
Weird-happenings and witches brew,
These are the things I wish for you.

May the only spirit you chance to meet,
Be the spirit of love and warm friends sweet.
May the tricks that you are asked to do,
Be a trick to help you gain a friend or two.

So, by tomorrow, pick three friends sweet,
And give them all a Halloween treat.
You only have one day, so hurry!
Leave a treat on the doorstep, then flee in a hurry!

by Sandra Liatsos

There's a goblin at my window,
A monster by my door.
The pumpkin at my table
Keeps on smiling more and more.
There's a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green.
They used to be my family,
Till they dressed for Halloween.

Halloween Wind
by Sandra Liatsos

The wind came trick-or-treating
down our quiet street.
It rattled all the windows
and then we heard it beat
on every door at every house
where shutters banged and clattered.
It howled for treats and howled for more
while leaves and branches scattered.
It rolled a pumpkin down the street,
and made the cat's fur rise.
Then after all the tricks it played
it flew up in the sky
with candy wrappers in its grasp,
and empty bags and sticks -
It hadn't wanted treats at all,
only lots of tricks!

This is Halloween
by Dorothy Brown Thompson

Goblins on the doorstep,
Phantoms in the air,
Owls on witches' gate posts,
Giving stare for stare.

Cats on flying broomsticks,
Bats against the moon,
Stirring round of fate-cakes,
With a solemn spoon.

Whirling apple parings,
Figures draped in sheets,
Dodging, disappearing,
Up and down the streets.

Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
Shadows on a screen,
Shrieks and starts and laughter--
This is Halloween!

by Dean Farnell

Something's watching you this Halloween
Someone's watching you this Halloween.
Late at night don't cut across the park
Someone could be waiting in the dark.

Don't go knocking on doors this Halloween.
If you knock on doors this Halloween
Scaring strangers in your creepy masks
Your trick or treating games may be your last.

Get a fright on Halloween
On this night of Halloween
Anything will make you scream
On this night of Halloween.

Don't go out alone this Halloween
Walk around alone this Halloween.
Turn around and you may get a fright
Something evils lurking in the night.

Don't go watching films like Halloween.
If you watch a film like Halloween
It could scare you out of your wits
Then haunt you on this night of the witch.

The Goblin
by Jack Prelutsky

There's a goblin as green
as a goblin can be.
Who is sitting outside
and is waiting for me.
When he knocked on my door
and said softly, "Come play!"
I answered,"No thank you,
now please,go away!"
But the goblin as green
as a goblin can be.
Is still sitting outside
and is waiting for me.

Three Little Witches witch witch witch
Author Unknown

One little, two little, three little witches
Fly over haystacks and fly over ditches
Fly over moonbeams without any hitches
Hey, it's Halloween night.

One little, two little, three little witches
Fly over barb wire and tore their britches
Had to go home and get some stitches
Hey, it's Halloween night.

Halloween Just Can't Be Beat
Nancy Sesok

Dark night, moon so bright,
What a scary Halloween sight.

Black cats, flying bats,
Witches wearing pointy hats.

Ghosts are scary, monsters hairy,
A girl's dressed up like a fairy.

Eerie sounds, pumpkins round,
Spooky things are all around.

Running feet, a tasty treat
Halloween just can't be beat.
Jack O’ Lantern
Author Unknown

Born in a pumpkin patch in my backyard,
Where Mister Scarecrow stands on guard.
Born in a patch where he knew every weed -
Before he was a pumpkin, he was a pumpkin seed.
Jack O--,
Jack O’ Lantern,
King on Halloween night.

by Julie Atkinson

Black cats prowl and witches fly
Across the eerie moon lit sky
And down below in darkened light
We hear the screams of kids delight

Here on this night called Halloween
With bags for candy children glean
Jack ‘o lanterns beckon all
Whether big or whether small

In houses old with long dark halls
Are heard the eerie moans and calls
Of wispy ghosts with clanking chains
That chill the blood within our veins

A tap, tap, tapping can be heard
But this is not a Raven bird
This finger tapping causes grief
It’s contest time at Writer’s Relief!
The Littlest One
by Harley Hoehn

The night has risen
and the moon is full
The crypt is woken
by a wailing ghoul

One by one the vampires rise
but one is in for a big surprise
It’s her first night out
so children beware

the little ones are in for a scare
The littlest vampire takes flight
off into the moonlit night

Happy Halloween everyone
and to all a good fright!

You wouldn't believe
On All Hallow Eve
What lots of fun we can make,
With apples to bob,
And nuts on the hob,
And a ring-and-thimble cake.

Carolyn Wells

What Witches Do

The witches don their pointed hats,
The witches croak and croon,
The witches ride their broomsticks,
Away beyond the moon.

The witches don their flowing cloaks,
The witches stir their brew.
The witches chant their magic spells,
All the dark hours through.

The witches stroke their big black cats,
They comb their locks of gray,
Yet when the first faint daylight comes.
The witches hide away.
Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve....
 And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving.

The somber hues of an ominous,
dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon.

Kim Elizabeth

by Ed Justin

Keep away from Pumpkinhead,
Unless you're tired of living,

His enemies are mostly dead,
He's mean and unforgiving,

Laugh at him and you're undone,
But in some dreadful fashion,

Vengeance, he considers fun,
And plans it with a passion,

Time will not erase or blot,
A plot that he has brewing,

It's when you think that he's forgot,
He'll conjure your undoing,

Bolted doors and windows barred,
Guard dogs prowling in the yard,

Won't protect you in your bed,
Nothing will, from Pumpkinhead.

It's Halloween
It's Halloween is a childrens picture book written by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Marylin Hafner.  This wonderful book that tells the story of an event-filled night for three young people through thirteen separate poems about different Halloween night stories. Fun reading for kids and grown-ups alike! Published in 1977


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