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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Vampires have always been a favorite Halloween persona, but the recent interest is extreme to say the least. It seems as though everyone is into vampires this year and there's no end in sight for this dark and delicious phenomenon!

The modern day gothic vampire is a true femme fatale. Alluring and seductive, she uses her unearthly charms to ensnare all who gaze upon her. Today's Vamp is always ready to hit the clubs, looking for excitement and maybe a late night snack.

We spent a considerable amount of time looking at a variety of Gothic evening wear and finally came up with our 2011 lineup of attire for transforming yourself into the perfect Gothic Vampire Vixen.

Vrai Noir Corset Overcoat Ensemble - Our #1 Choice!
The "Vrai Noir" overcoat is absolutely stunning and when combined with the satin "Sable" skirt and "Calliope" top, creates what we think is the perfect modern vampire vixen!

The exterior of this overcoat is made of cotton twill, which has a sturdy weight to it and feels great. The coat is lined with black and fully interfaced. This wonderful overcoat is longer in the back than the front, to create that classic gothic doll silhouette.

It features elegant lapels that are open at the neckline. Laces at the front with wide satin ribbon through industrial steel eyelets. The shoulders have sweet gathers that help balance out the wide flounce of the jacket. Fitted at the bodice it dramatically flares out into a softly pleated flounce tail. The sleeves come to elbow length and then flare into their own wide flounces, with black lace peering out from within.

The "Calliope" gothic bodice top with corset details and bows is both feminine and gothic. Made of soft cotton poplin, it has spandex blended in for stretch and comfort. Back zipper closure. It features a satin panel at the front framed by black lace. With corset lacing through ribbon loops below the bust.

Since the lacing is decorative, it does not effect the fit of the top. The straps are trimmed with black lace as well. It comes with two cotton and satin double layered black bows that pin to the straps. You can wear it with or without the bows to change up the look at anytime!

The "Sable" satin bell skirt has a comfortable elastic waist line that can be worn at your natural waist or low on your hips. The exterior is made of lush glossy black satin and is trimmed with two sizes of black lace! Fully lined it also has a hidden secret!

A light weight petticoat is built right into this skirt to help it keep it's puff! The tulle used for the petticoat lift will not brush your skin since it's nestled between the layers of fabric.

Creator Taeden Hall has been designing and creating unique apparel for many years and has fashioned a line of truly distinctive clothing styles, all of high quality construction and yet affordably priced.

All the above is available exclusively at Gloomth.com

Black Gothic Boots
The shoes you wear with any quality outfit can make a real difference in its overall impact, this is especially true when going for that mysterious and sexy look.

"Laces & Lace" boots are an elegant combination featuring extra long laces and lace-textured shafts of midnight black create textural contrast with the sleek, patent-finished uppers. The have a side-zip closure for convenience. Best of all, these boots are very affordable. Available at The Pyramid Collection

Gothic Necklace
An elegant necklace that gives the impression of old world aristocratic society works very well. Another optional would be a Gothic style of choker.

Black Stockings
While optional, black stockings seem to finish off the ensemble quite nicely. If you plan on walking a lot and/or dancing, be sure to buy high quality stockings as they are less likely to run as quickly. These can be purchased online or at your local department store.

Vamp Handbag
If you really want to accessorize, the ultra-cool black batwing handbag was designed to look like folded batwings and is perfect for carrying your car keys, compact and an extra vial of blood in. It is made from faux leather and measures approximately 10" x 7" x 2". Spooky Boutique

Vampire Fangs
A set of vampire fangs is a must and the higher the quality the better they will look and more comfortable they will be to wear. Just remember, true custom fangs look awesome, but they take time to have made. Read our in-depth article about Vampire Fangs for everything you need to know about vampire fangs.

Women's Vampire Makeup
See our articles Vampire Makeup, Hair & Wigs and Halloween Fingernails for tips and instructions for creating that perfect look to complement your Halloween costume.

Vampire Contact Lenses
Custom contact lenses will only add to your look and make you the most irresistible vampire maiden around! We buy all of our special effects contact lenses from a company called FX Eyes. They have a great selection and fast turn-around time.


Click here to visit Gloomth.com
Vrai Noir Ensemble

Click here to visit Gloomth.com
Vrai Noir Ensemble

Laces & Lace Boots

Black Batwing Handbag


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