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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Vampires are the living dead, and our feeling is that when a vampire is hungry or weak, they appear more like the dead than living, very cold and ashen. But after a midnight snack, their powers grow and they look closer to the living than the dead, only a little bit paler.

Unlike most other monsters, vampires are often portrayed as sensuous creatures, with lots of mysterious sex appeal. The makeup used for vampires in actually very basic, but if applied correctly can be quite convincing.


White, black, gray and green greasepaint.
Black eyebrow pencil.
A light or neutral colored face powder.

A vampires skin should have a pale, slightly ashen look. To get this start by mixing a very small amount of gray and semi-dark green greasepaints with a larger amount of white. Using your fingers, apply the greasepaint mixture to all exposed skin, i.e. face, neck, hands, etc., until you they are completely covered and well blended. Don't over do it, remember, you're not a clown, be subtle in how you apply the makeup.

What you're looking for is a slightly gaunt look, but not emaciated. Using some gray greasepaint, lightly apply this under the cheek bones, temples and other area's to give a darker, sunken appearance. Now use a medium sized blending brush to blend these into very subtle shadows.

The eyes are extremely important. Apply black greasepaint to the upper and lower lids. Apply it darker close to the eyelashes and in the hollows around the eyeball. You can press gently with your finger and you will feel the hollow in the skull in which the eyeball rests. Your shadowing should not go beyond it and the outer edges of the shadow should gradient from darker to lighter until they blend softly into the pale flesh color. A quarter-inch eye shadow brush is handy for working around the eyes.

Now apply a light colored powder to all area's with makeup. It's important to pat the powder on, if you rub it, it will smear. The powder will absorb into the greasepaint and set it, so apply as much as needed and gently brush off the excess with a large, soft powder brush.

The sinister look of a vampire's eyebrows is essential to the look. Using a black eyebrow pencil with a sharp edge begin adding very small hair-like lines on the skin in the same direction that the eyebrows grow. The look you are trying to achieve is what we call Michael Keaton eyebrows, with the top of the eye brows having a diabolical, sardonic upward slant.

Artificial  finger nails can be applied and cut and filed to look almost animal-like. These should be painted to resemble normal nail, but with a yellowish brown tinge. You will want to use translucent nail polish, not opaque. Look for a cheap brand of nail polish, they are usually thinner and you can find unusual colors like browns and yellows.



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