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Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Guide and Ideas


The New Addams Family continues the tradition of the characters created by Charles Addams. It first aired on October 1998 and continued for a total of sixty-five, half hour long episodes. The show is an updated version of the classic sixties television show, and includes all the main characters, Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grand Mama, Lurch, Cousin Itt and Thing. In fact, many of the original episodes were updated and rewritten and used in the new series. We give this series five stars!

If your thinking about dressing as the Addams Family for Halloween, or any other occasion for that matter, be sure to read our Addams Family costumes articles.

The Main Cast

Glenn Taranto as Gomez

Ellie Harvie as Morticia

Michael Roberds as Fester

Nicole Fugere as Wednesday

Brody Smith as Pugsley

Betty Phillips as Mama

John DeSantis as Lurch

Steven Fox as Thing

The New Addams Family

The New Addams Family Episode Guide - Part 1 of 3

1. Halloween With the Addams Family
It's Halloween and the Addams Family is enjoying their most favorite holiday, until they get robbed. Unfortunately for the robber, they enjoyed being robbed even more than Halloween itself. First aired: 10/19/1998

2. Deadbeat Relatives
Wednesday recites an incantation and brings cousin Vlad Addams back from the grave. Vlad wants to kill Gomez and marry Morticia, but is unsuccessful in his attempts. Gomez becomes despondent when he incorrectly thinks that Morticia is accepting Vlad's advances. Vlad and Gomez decide to duel to the death. First aired: 10/20/1998

3. The Addams Family Goes to School
The school board finds out that Wednesday and Pugsley have never been to school, and insists that they be enrolled immediately. First aired: 10/21/1998

4. Fester's Punctured Romance
Fester broke up with his girl friend Cruella and goes into a state of depression. The family tries to help him out, and everything looks real rosy when it appears that Lucretia, Fester's date by mail order has arrived. First aired: 10/22/1998

5. New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family
Newlyweds, Hubert and Amanda Peterson move in to the house they leased next door, owned by the Addams'. As they find out about their new neighbors and landlords, they try desperately to get out of the lease. First aired: 10/23/1998

6. Grandpapa Addams Comes to Visit
Grandpapa Addams (John Astin) comes to stay with the family while they rebuild his neighborhood. First aired: 10/26/1998

7. Gomez, the Reluctant Lover
Pugsley comes home with a crush on his teacher. He takes one of the love letters that Gomez sent to Morticia, and sends it to his teacher. When she comes to the Addams family house to inform them about it, she is led to believe that Gomez sent it. First aired: 10/27/1998

8. Morticia, the Matchmaker
Cousin Melancholia's fiancée ran out and left her, so she shows up at the Addams' house all despondent. They try to find her another suitor. First aired: 10/28/1998

9. The Addams Family Tree
Wednesday gave Harold Pomeroy a black eye at school after he said his family was better than hers. With their interest aroused in their own genealogy, the family hires professor Sims to do some research for them. First aired: 10/29/1998

10. Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
While Mama gives everyone extremely inappropriate gifts. Cousin Itt's girlfriend Contessa threw him out because she found out about his other girl friends. First aired: 10/30/1998

11. Art and the Addams Family
Wednesday comes back from school after painting a black rainbow and she got an "F" on it. Gomez tries to hire the world famous artist Leopold DaMinci as an art Tutor, but gets Leo DaMinci, an Italian Pizza delivery man instead. First aired: 10/30/1998

12. Thing is Missing
Its Thing's birthday. Thing opens Fester's mail and Fester and the family yell at him and none of them remember his birthday, so Thing runs away. First aired: 11/2/1998

13. Fester Goes on a Diet
Fester's internet chat room girlfriend is coming to visit. He feels he is out of shape and wants to lose weight. First aired: 11/3/1998

14. Morticia's Romance - 1
Gomez and Morticia are celebrating their 13th Anniversary. Wednesday and Pugsley ask them how they met. So they are told the story. First aired: 11/4/1998

15. Morticia's Romance - 2
The story of how Gomez and Morticia met continues with the complications that arose when Cousin Itt and Cousin Vlad became involved. First aired: 11/5/1998

16. Wednesday Leaves Home
Wednesday unleashed 20 starving alligators in the sewers. The police came after her. Gomez and Morticia ground her for a week for cruelty to animals. So Wednesday runs away. First aired: 11/6/1998

17. My Fair Cousin Itt
Cousin Itt was very disappointed that he didn't get the role of Hamlet at the theatre. So Gomez dusts off an old play he wrote, casts Itt as the lead, and hires a director for it. First aired: 11/9/1998

18. The Winning of Morticia Addams
Fester reading an article by Dr. Pierre LeBlanc titled "The Dangers of a Happy Marriage", gets the family to try to help make Gomez and Morticia fight with each other. First aired: 11/10/1998

19. Uncle Fester's Toupee
Ginger, a girl Fester has been e-mailing is coming to meet him. But Fester lied to her about himself, and wonders what he's going to do about his hair, which he told her he has. So a toupee salesman is called. First aired: 11/11/1998

20. Lurch Learns to Dance
We all know that Lurch is a great butler, but can he dance?...NO! When he is invited to the Butler's Costume Ball, Lurch refuses to go because of what happened at the last dance he went to. A dance instructor is hired and finally Lurch is persuaded to go. First aired: 11/12/1998

The New Addams Family Episode Guide Part 2

The New Addams Family Episode Guide Part 3



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