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Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Guide and Ideas


The New Addams Family Episode Guide - Part 3 of 3

43. Horseplay
After Pugsley befriends a thoroughbred racehorse, Gomez and Morticia make him give the horse back to its owners. However, Pugsley and Wednesday plot to steal the horse back and set it free. First aired: 3/29/1999

44. Lurch's Grand Romance
Lurch falls in love with then neighbors new housekeeper, however he is to shy to make a move until Fester comes to his assistance. First aired: 4/5/1999

45. Fester Joins the Global Mercenaries
Fester, feeling unloved, decides to join a mercenary organization. Also, Wednesday is stalked by a cat which at first only she can see. First aired: 4/9/1999

46. Catastrophia's Career
Gomez tries to help a depressed Cousin Catastrophia by arranging an opera singing gig. First aired: 4/12/1999

47. Addams Family In Court
Uncle Fester falls in love with a TV judge. First aired: 4/19/1999

48. Cousin Itt's Problem
Cousin Itt is in danger of losing his job as a shampoo spokesman when he starts to lose hair. Gomez teaches Pugsley how to defend himself against a schoolyard bully. First aired: 5/7/1999

49. Morticia, the Playwright
Morticia writes Wednesday and Pugsley's school play. First aired: 5/14/1999

50. Lurch, Man of Leisure
Lurch poses as a wealthy millionaire to impress a female visitor. First aired: 5/21/1999

51. Progress In The Addams Family
The Addams fight City Hall when they learn that a new highway is planned to be built over their home. First aired: 5/28/1999

52. Undercover Man
Uncle Fester places an order for explosives, which causes the FBI to take notice. First aired: 5/29/1999

53. Lurch and His Piano
A conniving concert-hall director convinces Uncle Fester to trade Lurch's piano for an electric organ. First aired: 5/31/1999

54. Fester, Marriage Counselor
Uncle Fester becomes a marriage counselor, but he gets his clients to "duel" to resolve their differences. First aired: 6/4/1999

55. Cleopatra, Green of the Nile
Morticia's prize carnivorous plant "Cleopatra" loses its appetite only days before the plant show. First aired: 6/11/1999

56. Granny, the Happy Medium
Granny conjures up the ghost of her brother Jester, who was a habitual practical joker. First aired: 6/18/1999

57. Lurch's Little Helper
Gomez acquires a robot butler and Lurch gets worried that he might lose his job. First aired: 6/25/1999

58. Addams Family Feud
The feud between the McAddams and the Addams families ends... until Uncle Fester takes Pa McAddams on a hunting trip. First aired: 7/10/1999

59. Fester, the Tycoon
Uncle Fester becomes a business tycoon after his skill at demolishing buildings becomes in high demand. First aired: 7/17/1999

60. Lights, Camera, Addams
The Addams' house is turned upside down when a director decides to shoot a movie there. First aired: 7/24/1999

61. The Addams Policy
The Addams' bear is destroyed, but Gomez hopes that insurance will cover the loss. First aired: 7/31/1999

62. Fester, World Leader
Fester is asked to stand in for a King whose life is in mortal danger. First aired: 8/7/1999

63. The Tale of Long John Addams
Pugsley and Wednesday are told the story of their long lost relative "Long John Addams". First aired: 8/14/1999

64. Keeping Up With the Joneses
The Jones family comes for a visit and Gomez and Ramon Jones enter in competition. First aired: 8/21/1999

65. Death Visits the Addams Family
The ghoul "Death" arrives and he wants to take Gomez with him. First aired: 8/28/1999

The New Addams Family Episode Guide Part 2

The New Addams Family Episode Guide Part 1



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