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Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Guide and Ideas


The New Addams Family Episode Guide - Part 2 of 3

21. Morticia and the Psychiatrist
Pugsley joined the Junior Troopers so Morticia called a psychiatrist who suggests that Pugsley just wants their attention. First aired: 11/13/1998

22. Melancholia Finds Romance
Cousin Melancholia and her fiancée Digby Henson arrive at the Addams' house but Fester is suspicious of Digby so spies on him! First aired: 11/16/1998

23. Morticia's Favorite Charity
The Addams are selecting stuff to donate for the charity auction but donate Pugsley's tiger-head clock, much to his annoyance! First aired: 11/17/1998

24. Morticia and the Ladies League
Morticia invites the PTA over to her house for a meeting and Pugsley wants to go to the circus to see Gorgo, the flying monkey. First aired: 11/18/1998

25. Morticia, the Breadwinner
The Stock Market crashes and Gomez has almost all his money in the Stock Market! From a conversation they hear, they think he's lost everything, but has he?... First aired: 11/23/1998

26. Morticia's Dilemma
Gomez' old friend Senior Don Xavier Malina arrives with his daughter Consuela and her chaperone Maria. When Gomez was 10, he had proposed to Consuela, and now that she is turning 25, Senior Malina is here to see them married. First aired: 11/30/1998

27. Christmas with the Addams Family
Christmas is coming. The happiness of it horrifies the family, but the gift-giving and holiday spirit is still there. Pugsley sees his belief in Santa dashed, and the family enlists Fester to dress up as Santa for him. First aired: 12/7/1998

28. Crisis in the Addams Family
Gomez's finds out life insurance policy was cancelled because his shark feeding trip to the Bermuda Triangle was deemed too much of a risk. First aired: 1/4/1999

29. Gomez, the Cat Burglar
Though he doesn't know it, Gomez is sleepwalking at night and burglarizing neighborhood homes. First aired: 1/8/1999

30. Uncle Fester's Illness
Uncle Fester loses his ability to conduct electricity, the family tries to help Fester, to no avail. First aired: 1/11/1999

31. Green-Eyed Gomez
When Morticia rekindles her relationship with her childhood, Gomez becomes jealous. First aired: 1/15/1999

32. Thing's Romance
When Morticia's cousin Pretensia visits, she brings her "handmaiden", which is literally a hand named "Lady Fingers". Of course, Thing instantly falls in love and complications ensue. First aired: 1/18/1999

33. Morticia, the Decorator
Morticia starts a business as a home decorator. Her first client is horrified by the job she has done, however a reporter for a home decorating magazine calls it "the most exquisite example of post-apocalyptic deconstructionism I've ever seen". First aired: 1/22/1999

34. Close Encounters of the Addams Kind
Aliens looking for a power source trace it to be at the Addams house. They discover that the power source they need is Uncle Fester. First aired: 1/25/1999

35. Amnesia in the Addams Family
Gomez is hit in the head and gets amnesia. Morticia tries to bring his memory back. First aired: 2/1/1999

36. Wednesday's Crush
Pugsley and Fester blow up a man hole cover, injuring a motorcyclist. Wednesday quickly rushes to his aid and helps to nurse him back to full health. First aired: 2/8/1999

37. Morticia, the Sculptress
Morticia takes up sculpting but nobody appreciates her art until Gomez hires a shady art dealer to tell her that she has true talent. First aired: 2/15/1999

38. Gomez, the People's Choice
When Gomez becomes dissatisfied with the local government he decides to run for Mayor. First aired: 2/22/1999

39. Lurch, the Teen-Age Idol
The Addams family records Lurch singing and to our surprise he becomes a pop sensation. First aired: 3/1/1999

40. Fester and Granny vs. Grandpapa Addams
Gomez and Morticia go on a vacation, however they do not want to leave Pugsley and Wednesday in Fester and Grand mama's care because they spoil them too much. So, they decide to get "Grandpapa" to baby-sit. First aired: 3/8/1999

41. Saving Private Addams
When Wednesday and Pugsley get expelled, Gomez and Morticia decide to send them to military school. First aired: 3/15/1999

42. My Son, the Chimp
Pugsley secretly befriends a chimpanzee however Fester and Grandmama are confused and think that Pugsley has turned into an ape. First aired: 3/22/1999

The New Addams Family Episode Guide Part 3

The New Addams Family Episode Guide Part 1



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