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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Glow in the Dark Halloween Wigs
There are a number of Halloween costume wigs that are made with UV reactive materials allowing them to glow brightly under black light. This is a cool effect and works particularly well at a Halloween party where black lights will be used. These types of Halloween costume wigs tend to be very affordable.

Don't expect a costume wig to look how you want it to straight out of the package. Some styling of the wig will probably be necessary for the particular look you want. You will want to use a soft brush and comb to carefully shape the wig's hair into the style that you want. Once you have the look, use hair spray to set the style. One thing is for sure, you will really stand out in the crowd.
Glowing-in-the-Dark Halloween Decorations

There are a fair amount of Halloween decorations available that are made to glow in the dark such as the five foot tall "Glow in the Dark Lab Skeleton" or the "Mr. Glow N Bones" wall decoration, both of which make spooky Halloween blacklight decorations. Both of these and more glow-in-the-dark products are available from the Fright Catalog. Glow in the dark bats or other creepy critters can be hung with black or clear thread from the ceiling inside your house or from the roof of your porch and from tree limbs outdoors and illuminated with ultraviolet light.

Cob Web Shooters
Ever wonder how haunted attraction spin their cob webs? The cob-web shooter base unit is basically a highly customized hot glue gun, equipped with a special tip that transfers the webbing material into a stream of compressed air, allowing for detailed application of cob-webs. These types of web shooters do require an air compressor with up to 100psi. The web material cleans off fairly easily, but we always recommend that you test some on important materials. You can buy special glow-in-the-dark glue sticks that glow under Black Light.

Glowing Giant Spider Webs
Large rope spider webs are available from three to fifty feet in size and are most often made of white cotton rope.
When treated, these webs can be made to glow an eerie blue color under black light. Its a simple matter of treating the web with a common laundry additive, available at the store.

Glowing Messages
Write scary warning messages on your front walk or walls of your house using colored chalk or washable fluorescent paint. Be aware that even if a product says that is water soluable or easy to clean off, always do a small test on the area you want to use it on and then make sure that you can actually wash it off completely.

Phantom Foot Steps
Make a foot shaped sponge and then use it like a big stamp to make glow-in-the-dark foot steps on your walkway, driveway, ceiling, etc.

Make It Glow!
If you need clothing, sheets, cotton rope (rope spider webs), or other fabric to glow in the dark, you can soak it in Woolite laundry soap or RIT Whitener/Brightener for an hour or so. Wring it out, don't rinse!! and let it dry. It will glow bright blue. This works best on white fabric.

The Black Light Hair Spray from Fun World is great for painting your props. This spray goes on nearly invisible and should be sprayed onto the prop as evenly as possible. It helps to spray the paint on while the prop is under a black light so you can actually see where it's going. Painting your props with this invisible fluorescent paint will make them glow eerily under black lights enhancing there overall effect. See how we've used it in our Giant Spider Web articles.

You can also use it on Halloween signs, Costumes, Masks, skeletons, bats and other decorations. Paint plaster or plastic skulls with fluorescent paint and display in your graveyard, on fence posts, etc. Use florescent fabric paint or spray paint to add flare to your props or goblins in the graveyard.

Glow in the Dark Makeup
Black light reactive makeup, like the two makeup kits shown to the right, light up when exposed to an ultraviolet light source and are great at a Halloween party where you really want to outshine everyone else. These types of kits are available with several different colors including blue, orange, yellow, purple and green. They most commonly come as either black light make-up pencils or grease paint like makeup. This type of makeup is usually water washable and nontoxic. Just be sure to read any manufacturer warnings on the package before using it on your skin. You can also paint your fingernails with glow-in-the-dark nail polish.




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