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Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Guide and Ideas


Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009)
Dead Like Me: Life After DeathAs big fans of the "Dead Like Me" television series, we were very excited to learn that a direct-to-dvd movie had been produced. We pre-ordered the dvd and waited with great anticipation.

The hope was that if this movie was successful there might be a chance of a reprisal of the series or additional direct-to-dvd movies. After watching this horrible movie we believe this will not and should not ever happen. Maybe its true that what's dead should stay dead.

The storyline was dismal and not in a good way. I can't imagine what happened to Stephen Godchaux and John Masius who wrote many of the episodes for the series and surprisingly the script for the "Dead Like Me: Life After Death" movie. They could not have strayed further from the original formula. There was more substance in one of the 42 minute episodes than in the entire 87 minutes of this movie.

First off, the wonderful chemistry between the characters that was ever present in the original series was almost totally gone.

The loss of Rube (Mandy Patinkin) was a huge mistake and both his character and the cohesive bond he created within the group was sorely missed. If it was simply a matter of a scheduling conflict or payment, the producers should have made the necessary concessions that would have allowed him to return.

While Sarah Wynter may be a capable actress, she was totally miscast as a replacement for Laura Harris in the role of Daisy Adair. The truth is, if they were unable to have Daisy played by Ms. Harris, the character, not the actress should have been replaced.

The Mason (Callum Blue) character in this movie was very different from the Mason in the series. His lines seemed forced and delivered with little enthusiasm. Mason like Daisy, could be both annoying and endearing at the same time. Both had a subtle depth in their personalities, which completely vanished in the movie. Roxy (Jasmine Guy) was simply a shell of her former self, nothing more.

I should mention that the actors are not entirely to blame for this, since part of the director's job is to "direct" the cast.

Of the main characters, Ellen Muth's portrayal of our beloved Georgia Lass was the only constant, which can only be explained by her talented acting skills and obvious love for the character. It was nice to see Britt McKillip (Reggie Lass), Christine Willes(Delores Herbig), Cynthia Stevenson (Joy Lass) and Crystal Dahl (Crystal ) reprise their roles.

Apparently, Bryan Fuller, the original creator of the television series, had nothing to do with this film, and it shows. I don't know if director Stephen Herek ever watched the television series, but he totally failed in creating the same atmosphere, quirky relationships and tone that existed in the series. The cinematography was certainly not "movie" quality. The original series was filmed in Vancouver and for whatever reasons they decided to shoot the movie in Montréal. This may not sound like it would make a big difference, but it did. Outdoor scenes simply did not have the same look and feel.

Just because you loved the television series does not mean you will or should love this poorly made movie. Watching the "Dead Like Me: Life After Death" movie was almost painful and its creation felt more like sabotage than ineptness. If this had been the pilot for the series, we would have never watched another episode.

Not worth watching, even on Halloween night!



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