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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Haunted Halloween Tree
For 2009, we added yet another Halloween tree to our ever growing haunted forest bought from the Halloween Connection. The Haunted Tree, stands an impressive six feet tall, is made a heavy-weight molded latex and hand painted. This prop is big and very creepy looking!

While the body and base of the prop are finished on all sides, the arms are a half prop, meaning that the back is open and unfinished, so the tree needs to be displayed so that the back cannot be seen by viewers. It is manufactured this way to keep the cost down.

The Haunted Tree comes in four pieces (the body, two arms and the base) and must be assembled using a round, six foot tall, twelve inch diameter SoNo Tube, which you supply. A SoNo tube is actually just a thick cardboard tube used to form concrete pillars. They are available at most building supply stores in a variety of sizes. A six foot tall, twelve inch diameter SoNo Tube cost us only $10.00 at our local building supply store. We suggest that you check local availability before ordering.

We placed this in our dining room on top of a large piece of brown burlap, which we then covered with Spanish Moss to give it an outdoor look. A thin veil of stretchable spider webs was spread out behind the entire scene. A Jack O' Lantern with a pumpkin light battery powered candle placed inside (for safety) was added on either side of the tree. We enclosed the front of the display with a small homemade picket fence, that measured about nine feet across and two feet tall.

Flying Bats
We bought a bunch of rubber bats of different sizes and hung them from the ceiling over our display using fishing line and tacks. We cut the fishing line for each bat at various lengths between one and three feet in length, so that they would look like they were flying at different levels. Read our "How to Hang Bats" article for more detailed instructions.

To illuminate the scene, we placed an orange colored fluorescent FEIT Party Light bulb (twist type) inside a parabolic clamp-on shop light and directed the light from above and down onto the tree and surrounding Halloween decorations. FEIT Party Light bulbs are available in a variety of colors and can be purchased at your local hardware store. We also placed an "Amazing Rainbow Pumpkin Light" behind the tree to create an eerie color changing light effect.

Safety Tips - Never leave display lights or any electric decorations plugged in when you leave the house. Its always a good idea to attach a smoke detector to the wall or ceiling above the tree. Make sure that plugs plugged into outlets and/or extension cords are plugged in safely. Always have a fire extinguisher handy during the holidays.



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