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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Decorations BatsThroughout ancient times it was a tradition to burn bonfires at the end of Summer and when the last harvest was brought in, usually on or around October 31st.

For Witches and other magical people, this was an important part of celebrating their end-of-the-year holiday. These special bonfires warded off evil and provided light and warmth for their annual festivities.

The bright light of a bonfire tends to attract a lot of flying insects, which in turn attracts hungry bats. So, if you looked in the sky above the fire, you would see lots of bats flying around. Click here to read our story about Austin, Texas and their wonderful bat population. Bats are also associated with vampires, being of the main creature that vampires tend to shape-shift into.

As a very recognizable symbol of Halloween, bats should not be left out of your Halloween decorations. To hang one or more rubber bats from the ceiling in your home, your front porch or even from tree limbs is quite simple and quick to do with the right tools.

For this project, we bought three different sizes of rubber bats including ten small (four inch wingspan) rubber bats. Three medium (eight and a half inch wingspan) and three large (twelve inch wingspan) rubber bats. The small bats were purchased at a local Halloween store and the medium and large bats at a drug store chain.

Light-weight fishing line. This is available in the sporting goods section in most department stores. Depending on the height of your ceiling, cut lengths of fishing line between one and three feet in length.

You will also need some clear glue, such as "Tacky Glue", a large sewing needle and two white head thumb tacks for each bat you are going to hang.

Stringing the Medium and Large Bats
The medium and large size bats come with a piece of black elastic cord running through there backs to hang them by. However, this cord is very noticeable in a lighted area, so we decided to use light-weight fishing line. We just cut the knot in the cord on the underside of the bat and then pulled the cord completely out of the bat from the other side.

Thread some of the fishing line on a large needle that is long enough to go all the way through the body of a large bat and push the threaded needle all the way through the hole in the center of the bat where the cord was from the top and out the bottom. Tie a small knot in the line sticking out of the underside of the bat and cover the knot with a small drop of clear glue, such as "Tacky Glue". Once dry, the glue will prevent the thread from slipping back through the hole.

Stringing the Small Bats
Since the small bats do not come with a hanging cord, we used a slightly different method to string them. First, find the center of gravity of the bat by balancing it on a finger tip. When it stays level, you have found the center.

Next, thread some of the fishing line on the needle and push it all the way through the center of the bat from the top and out the bottom. As with the larger bats, tie a knot in the line sticking out of the underside of the bat and cover the knot with a small drop of clear glue.

Attaching the Bats to the Ceiling
Attach the other end of the fishing line to a tack by tying a slip knot at the end of the line, looping it over the shaft of the tack and pulling it taut. Stick or lightly hammer the tack into the ceiling where you what the bat to hang. Hang the bats at slightly different levels and in an asymmetrical pattern. Don't bunch them all together.

Bat HouseBatBat House - Did you know that just one little brown bat can eat as many as six hundred mosquitoes in a single hour! They also feed on other pesky night flying insects.

Setting up a bat house is a great way to help control flying insects and give bats a nice home to live in. Bat houses are available online and are very inexpensive. The single-celled bat house shown to the right can hold as many as a hundred small bats.



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