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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Securing the Tombstones
We have used several different methods to secure our tombstones to the ground that work very well.

Method #1
This method works well for securing tombstones into a lawn.

First carefully drill two 3/8" holes into the bottom of the tombstone, a couple of inches from each end. Now take two 16" pieces of 3/8" dowel (sharpened at both ends) and carefully drive one end half way up into the bottom of the Tombstone.

Lightly set the tombstone with it's spikes onto the ground to make an impression of where the spike holes will go. Using an extra sharpened dowel, drive it eight inches into the ground where your spike markings are and remove. You can now push the tombstone with spikes into the holes.

Method #2
At most hardware stores you can buy large steel spikes (they look like giant nails). Measure and cut a piece of 1/2"x 6" board so that it is four inches longer than the width of the tombstone, two inches on each side. Drill a centered hole four to six inches from each end one drill bit size smaller than the diameter of the spike. Hammer the two spikes through the holes.

Set the bottom of the tombstone over the top of the spikes just hard enough to make indentations for drilling. Drill the two spike holes into the tombstone.

Apply white glue (Elmer's) to the spikes and inside of the spike holes, and push the spikes into the tombstone holes all the way. To setup, dig a trench the same size as the wooden based and sit the base and tombstone into it. Cover the base with dirt just above the edge of the tombstone.

Method #3
Survey stakes and Velcro


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