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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


"What do you want on your Tombstone?"

Imprinting the epitaphs and decorative designs onto your tombstones can be accomplished several ways.

Method #1 - The simplest way is to use acrylic craft paint and brushes to paint on an epitaph and any other designs you want on the face of the painted tombstone. Stencils can make this easier, but the lettering will be flat on the surface of the tombstone.

Method #2 - After the tombstone has been primed and has dried completely, you can write your epitaph with a slightly darker colored marker or pencil. Now use an Xacto knife to carve out the letters in a "V" shape. Finally, to make the epitaphs more readable, we use acrylic craft paint to shade the inside of the letters. Black is too dark and the color of the primer is too light, so mix a color in-between.

Method #3 - For the most realistic look you can carve the epitaph and any decorative patterns into the foam with a high speed rotary tool (Dremel). Carving the letters into the surface of the tombstone looks very realistic, but does require more time and a few extra tools. Several different attachments are used including the wheel grinder, router and small cutting wheel. This can be done freehand or by printing out the epitaphs on paper, then attaching the paper to the face of the tombstone. You then use the rotary tool to carve right through the paper into the foam. Care must be taken or the spinning tool will dig too deep into the foam or go off the lines of the design. Finally, to make the epitaphs more readable, we use acrylic craft paint to shade the inside of the letters. Black is to dark and the color of the primer is to light, so mix a color in-between.

Always wear safety equipment, including safety goggles when working with power tools

Method #4 - You can also use a soldering or wood-burning iron to burn-in the words and designs. But you must do this before priming the foam.

Mix and match names and sayings as you like.

Notable Names

Al B. Rightback
Barry M. Deep
Barry D. Hatchet
Fester N. Rott
Justin Pieces
Paul Tergeist
Vlad the Empaler
Count Dracula
Abbie Normal

Ichabod Crane

From Movies

Carry White

Freddy Kruger
See you in your dreams

Michael Myers

Jason Vorhees

Norman Bates

Real People

Howard Phillips Lovecraft
1890 - 1937

Lizzie Bordon

Aleister Crowley
1875 - 1944

Marquis de Sade

Jack T. Ripper

Notable Sayings

Do Not Disturb

An Atheist
All dressed up and no place to go.

This will be you one day.

Ben Dismembered
May he rest in pieces.

Here Lies Mr. Jones.
Now he's just a box of bones.

Here lies Lester Moore.
Four slugs from a forty-four.
No Les, No More.

I would rather be here,
than in California.

With a red head he did flirt
Caught by his wife
Now here lies Burt

I told you I was sick!

I knew this was going to happen!



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