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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas



Now, taking hold of the top of the 1/2" pipe, slowly, but firmly pull forward to bend the rod to the desired angle (about 80 degrees). This requires some muscle!

Remove the rod from the vise, turn it upside down and replace it in the vise at the same angle you had it in before. It's very important that the next bend in the rod be parallel with the first bend.

As before, slide the 1/2"x24" pipe over the top of the rod and let it slide down until it is sitting on the top of the vise. Now, taking hold of the top of the 1/2" pipe slowly pull forward to bend the rod to the desired angle. Set the rod aside for now.

Using a hacksaw, cut off excess rod at the bottom and smooth with file.

Clean the Floor Flange and Steel Pipe Nipple with soap and water to remove any oils that may prevent paint from sticking, and let it dry thoroughly (don't paint yet).

To make the base, find the center of the 2'x2' board you will be using and mark it. Place the Floor Flange in the center of the board and attach securely with four screws. Screw the 1/2"x8" pipe nipple into the floor flange until it is tight.

Spray paint the entire base thoroughly (wooden board, floor flange and steel pipe nipple) with flat black paint and let dry. Apply a second coat of paint and let dry.

Clean the Steel Rod with soap and water to remove any oils that may prevent paint from sticking, then dry thoroughly. Spray paint the metal rod with flat black spray paint.

Let paint dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat of paint and let dry.

Black works best if you are using it in a dark area. You can use a neutral color like tan or bone white as well depending on where your Bucky will be stationed and if he is going to be dressed or not.

The picture to the left shows what the stand should look like when finished.

  Slide the rod's top end through the hole you drilled in the tail-bone, all the way up until you reach the bend. The rod should run from the top of his neck, down to his foot. Secure with plastic ties or bailing wire.
Because the steel rod is smaller than the inside diameter of the pipe, it does not fit snugly. To correct this you need to use something to "shim" the extra space. We used some scrap pieces of thick plastic. You can use card board or wood as well.
You can camouflage the base of the stand in a number of ways. If it's going to be on the ground you can cover it with dirt or leaves. If it's going to be on a lawn you can carefully cut a plug out of the grass a couple of inches deep, set the base in the hole and press the grass plug back over it. If it's going to be on carpet, paint the base the same shade as the carpet.

You can also dress your Bucky to cover the pipe. We used a Grim Reaper robe on ours.



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