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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Party Table Ideas

Setting a coordinated Halloween banquet table for a spooky evening of treats is a great touch. Choose a large, stable table so you have plenty of room and its doesn't look over crowded. There are a multitude of Halloween table products to be found during the Halloween season.

HALLOWEEN Tablecloths

"Bloody Vinyl Tablecloth" - Whether you're having a Halloween party feast or a Friday the Thirteenth massacre, this is a bloody great cover for your table. Can also be used to set Halloween props on as part of a display. Vinyl tablecloth measures 54" x 108". Available for purchase at most Halloween stores or online.

Halloween Tablecloth

"Spiders Tablecloth" is a great theme based tablecloth that you can spook out your table with and serve it up right with this vinyl tablecloth covered in giant black and red spiders and webs. Measures 54” x 108”. Available for purchase at most Halloween stores or online.

Halloween Tablecloth

If you want something eerie, but elegant, the Spooky Lace Tablecloth adds a dash of darkness to your dinner plans! This black lace tablecloth features cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, witches, and fall leaves woven into the design. Oblong shape measures 60" x 84". 100% polyester, machine wash warm. Available for purchase at online Halloween stores.

Halloween Tablecloth


A large variety of spooky tableware is available during the Halloween season. Whether you go with printed or plain, try to use matching tableware and complementary decorations including plates, cups, napkins, table cloths, eating utensils and your centerpiece.

Halloween Tableware

Always have extra tableware on hand in case you run low or have unexpected visitors. If you don't want your banquet table piled with food remains, have a trash bag lined trash can near the table so guests can dispose of their used tableware and food.

Halloween Tableware

And don't forget some serving utensils, large bowls and platters to serve all those cookies, cake and candy from. Be sure to wash plastic tableware before using it.

Halloween Tableware


The "Skeleton Punch Bowl Set" lets you serve up your fiends and followers from this unhallowed basin. They will be dying for seconds of your most vile concoction. Set includes one skeleton punch bowl, one skeleton ladle, and six cups. Looks great on the Bloody Vinyl Tablecloth!

Halloween Punch Bowls

The "Spider Web Punch Bowl Set" with its spiderweb design looks great. Try this one at your next party. Set includes: spiderweb detailed plastic punch bowl along with six matching cups and matching ladle. Looks great on the Spiders Vinyl Tablecloth!

Halloween Punch Bowls

The "Spiderweb Beverage Bucket" is a great container for filling with ice and canned and/or bottled beverages. Can also be used for Bobbing for Apples! It measures 19.25 in. tall x 8.5 in. deep x 16 in. diameter. Looks great on the Spiders Vinyl Tablecloth!

Halloween Punch Bowls


Needless to say, a glowing Jack O' Lantern makes a great centerpiece for your table. There are all sorts of Halloween decorations and props that can be used for table centerpieces. The Bloody Pumpkin Fountain and a Lemax Spooky Town haunted house. Both make for a great centerpiece!

Halloween Centerpiece

You can use a plastic cauldron and add dry ice and toss in some glow-sticks for added effect. You can also create creepy centerpieces by filling vases with dead flowers, brown leaves, and empty branches. Tie a black ribbon bow around each centerpiece.

Halloween Centerpiece


Spooky candles and candle holders abound this time of the year and are a wonderful way to illuminate your holiday table. Hollowed out mini-pumpkins make great votive candle holders.

Halloween Candles

If you use real candles make sure there's nothing that can catch fire and never leave them unattended. Be sure you've checked your smoke detectors to make sure they work properly, have fresh batteries and you have at least one fire extinguisher on hand.

Halloween Candleholders


Bunches of Halloween style balloons filled with helium and suspended in the corners of the room or above the banquet table add to the festive atmosphere. Try to have groups of different color/styles of balloons in each bunch.

Halloween Balloons

Hanging a Halloween banner and/or some holiday garland over and/or behind your table greets your guests and sets the stage for the table. Be sure these do not hang above or anywhere near an open flame from candles, etc.

Halloween Banners



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