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Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Guide and Ideas


Darren McGavin plays full time newspaper reporter and part time paranormal investigator, Carl Kolchak.

Writer/producer/ director Chris Carter acknowledges that The Night Stalker TV series was a major inspiration to him when creating his popular television series The X-Files.

This series was one of those that should have been produced for many seasons. Unfortunately, we have to settle for only two.


The Night Stalker
Made for TV Movie - Originally Aired: January 11, 1972

Wisecracking Carl Kolchak is a rumpled news hound plucked from the fast-talking newspaper flicks of the 1940s and dropped into the swinging '70s. What makes the eccentric Kolchak even more unique, however, is his nose for the supernatural, a trait that leaves his editor exasperated and the police less than amused. When he insists that a late-night Las Vegas serial killer is a modern-day vampire, he's practically run out of town by the local authorities. Naturally, he stalks the vampire himself, an unlikely Van Helsing armed with a silver cross, a wooden stake, and his ever-present tape recorder and flashbulb camera.

The Night Strangler
Made for TV Movie - Originally Aired: January 16, 1973

The Night Strangler finds down-on-his-luck investigator Carl Kolchak in Seattle, hot on the trail of a serial killer hiding in the underground city beneath the streets, a gas-lit fantasy world frozen in time. Exotic dancer and medical student Jo Ann Pflug tags along as partner and bait, and the exasperated Simon Oakland returns as Kolchak's harried editor.

"Kolchak: The Night Stalker" - Television Series
Originally aired 1974-1975

Due to its popularity and that of its main character, Darren McGavin reprised his role as grizzled journalist Carl Kolchak, whose beat for a Chicago-based news service brought him into contact with werewolves, zombies, headless motorcyclists, and other creatures of the night. Simon Oakland, Jack Grinnage and Ruth McDevitt also starred. All 20 episodes from the series is now available on a three DVD set, giving you a total of seventeen wonderful hours of Kolchak.

The Ripper
Episode 1 - Original Air Date: 13 September 1974
When a rash of serial murders suddenly begins in the Chicago area, Kolchak establishes a similarity between the new killings and the murders committed by Jack The Ripper. The killer soon reveals himself to possess superhuman characteristics, and Kolchak suspects that they may be dealing with the original Ripper after all.

The Zombie
Episode 2 - Original Air Date: 20 September 1974
Carl follows up on a series of murders where key figures in the Chicago numbers racket are turning up dead, their spines snapped by someone with incredible strength. The body of a murdered numbers runner keeps turning up at the scene of each crime, and Kolchak soon learns that someone is using voodoo to gain revenge on the criminals in the form of a murderous zombie.

They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be...
Episode 3 - Original Air Date: 27 September 1974
Kolchak is witness to a bizarre manifestation when an unseen force decimates a building and causes a cache of lead ingots to vanish into thin air. He soon draws a connection between the disturbance and a series of incidents where both animals and human beings are turning up dead, the marrow mysteriously sucked out of their bones.

The Vampire
Episode 4 - Original Air Date: 4 October 1974
In this sequel to the original "Night Stalker" telefilm, a road crew accidentally unearths the grave of a vampire in Las Vegas, a female victim of Janos Skorzeny. Kolchak gets word of the recurrence of vampire-like murders and flies to Las Vegas under the ruse of interviewing an Indian guru, but soon enlists the help of a friendly real estate agent in his hunt for the home of the rampaging vampire.

The Werewolf
Episode 5 - Original Air Date: 1 November 1974
When a tax audit interrupts Vincenzo's plans to take a cruise ship vacation, he sends Kolchak in his place to follow up on a story about swinging singles. Kolchak becomes more interested in a series of mutilations that begin taking place on the ship, perpetrated by a creature that seems to be half man, half wolf.

Episode 6 - Original Air Date: 8 November 1974
Kolchak looks into several instances of spontaneous combustion, where the victims were suddenly incinerated as they dozed. He finds that the apparition of a renowned orchestra conductor was spotted at the scenes of the crimes, but the catch is that the conductor isn't dead. With the help of a gypsy, Kolchak learns that a vengeful ghost known as a "doppelganger" is at work, impersonating the conductor in an attempt to take over his life. When Kolchak himself is marked for incineration, he must avoid falling asleep until he can stop the ghost once and for all.

The Devil's Platform
Episode 7 - Original Air Date: 15 November 1974
An aspiring politician is surrounded by a series of deadly "accidents" that obliterate any opposition to his career, and Kolchak discovers a bizarre supernatural element to his campaign: a deal with the devil that affords him protection and allows him to change form into that of an ominous dog. Soon it's up to Kolchak to get him off the campaign trail once and for all.

Bad Medicine
Episode 8 - Original Air Date: 29 November 1974
A Native American legend materializes in Chicago, and Carl discovers it when he investigates the mysterious deaths of two wealthy society matrons who possessed priceless jewels. When the murders increase, Kolchak learns that the force at work is know as The Diablero, a being cursed to roam the Earth in search of valuable gems.

The Spanish Moss Murders
Episode 9 - Original Air Date: 6 December 1974
A pair of seemingly unrelated deaths are connected by the fact that each victim had a small amount of Spanish Moss on the body. When more murders occur, Kolchak is able to determine that each victim is indeed connected to a comatose Cajun man who is part of a sleep experiment where he is denied the ability to dream. The man's subconscious is able to physically manifest a vengeful monstrosity, the "Paramafait", a legendary Cajun boogeyman who dispatches anybody who wronged the sleeping man. Kolchak's intention to stop the Paramafait marks him for death, unless he can stop the creature before it kills him.

The Energy Eater
Episode 10 - Original Air Date: 13 December 1974
Kolchak faces another Native American monster, this one known as the Matchemonedo, when he learns of a series of mishaps taking place in a newly opened hospital. The construction of the hospital has awakened Matchemonedo, an invisible manifestation that causes ruptures in the building's constitution, electrical outbursts, and deaths that are seemingly caused by electrocution. Kolchak enlists the help of a reluctant Indian shaman to combat the rampaging force.

Horror in the Heights
Episode 11 - Original Air Date: 20 December 1974
Carl investigates a series of deaths that take place in a community mostly populated by the elderly. The bodies are partially devoured, seemingly by rats, but Kolchak begins to suspect that a more sinister force is at work: a ghastly flesh-eating Hindu demon known as the Rakshasa has set up shop in the area, and it has the ability to take its victims by surprise by appearing to them as the person they trust the most.

Mr. R.I.N.G.
Episode 12 - Original Air Date: 10 January 1975
Kolchak writes an obituary for a deceased scientist, but soon becomes involved in further investigation when no one can give him a straight answer on how the scientist died. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure goes on a rampage throughout Chicago, stealing morticians' wax and Halloween masks. Kolchak eventually finds out that the scientist was working on Project R.I.N.G.: the development of an artificially intelligent robot. R.I.N.G. killed his creator rather than be shut down, and now the government is hunting it. Kolchak must find where the robot is hiding and reveal the story before the government catch up to R.I.N.G.

Primal Scream
Episode 13 - Original Air Date: 17 January 1975
An arctic oil-drilling expedition unearths some strange organic matter, cells which begin to spontaneously multiply. When the cooling unit in their storage facility fails, the cells grow into a violent and deadly life-form, a murderous ape-man. Kolchak finds the feature story he's planning on writing about the murders blocked by the authorities at every turn, and it seems that pressure from the large corporation which sponsored the drilling is threatening to squelch the truth about the murders.

The Trevi Collection
Episode 14 - Original Air Date: 24 January 1975
Kolchak arranges to meet an informer at the Trevi Salon. But the man falls from an unoccupied top floor studio before Carl can learn what he knew. Now the mob is after Carl, and worse than that, so might be a supernatural force. A bit of research leads Carl to some people who might be able to help him. But all magic benefits from a little misdirection, and Carl has to correct his mistake before the real culprit's plan succeeds.

Episode 15 - Original Air Date: 31 January 1975
Former members of a biker gang from the 50s are being decapitated, and a key witness claims that the murders are being committed by a headless figure on a motorcycle wielding a sword. Kolchak pieces the story together and finds that the specter is out to avenge his death due to some rather unusual circumstances surrounding his burial.

Demon in Lace
Episode 16 - Original Air Date: 7 February 1975
When an ancient stone tablet is unearthed in the Mid East and brought back to American for study, a deadly mystical force is unleashed. Kolchak follows a series of deaths where healthy young men were found dead of heart attacks, each accompanied by the bodies of women who seemed to have died in unrelated circumstances and locations. Kolchak discovers that the murders are the work of a Succubus, a Sumerian demon that assumes the form of recently deceased women and lures men into her deadly embrace.

Legacy of Terror
Episode 17 - Original Air Date: 14 February 1975
A series of brutal murders all share a particularly grisly characteristic: each victims has his or her heart cut out, much like a human sacrifice. Kolchak discovers that the murders are all connected to a modern-day Aztec cult that has been preparing for an apocalypse for centuries. Kolchak tries to stop the final sacrifice from being made, but he soon discovers that the mummified corpse of the cult's leader may not be as inanimate as it appears.

The Knightly Murders
Episode 18 - Original Air Date: 7 March 1975
A ghostly knight is making a habit out of executing certain persons responsible for the 'desecration' of his burial site; that is, anybody involved with the creation of a restaurant/disco near the knight's resting place. Kolchak catches on when he happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses one of the murders with his own eyes. An axe that's been blessed is the only thing that will stop the ghost from exacting his gruesome revenge.

The Youth Killer
Episode 19 - Original Air Date: 14 March 1975
A dating service for young, fabulous singles proves to be a breeding ground for supernatural murder when certain members start turning up as elderly corpses. Kolchak makes the connection and discovers that the proprietor of the dating service has a mysterious way of remaining young and beautiful.

The Sentry
Episode 20 - Original Air Date: 28 March 1975
An underground data-storage facility uncovers a problem when they excavate a tunnel for a new wing. Carl investigates the deaths of several employees of the facility who appeared to have been killed by a wild animal, and he discovers a rampaging reptile that has been disturbed by the digging of the tunnel. As Kolchak tries to stay one step ahead of the law, the beast continues its assault on the facility, destroying anything and everything in its quest for the eggs that have been stolen from its nest.



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