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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Weaving A Scary Tale

Object of the Game: To create a scary tale, each person getting one minute  and the next person take over!

What You Do: Get a pack of index cards and a pen. Write a phrase on each card that would be a scary line for story or that has to do with Halloween or both! (see below for ideas). Get a minute timer. Then, pass around the deck of cards, face down. Turn down the lights and light a candle to set the mood or give each person a flash light to hold under their face as they speak.

Each player picks a card from the deck and begins to spin a tale for one minute.  When the minute is up, he/she hands the cards to the next person, who picks one and turns the story another direction.  They should repeat the last line spoken by the previous person so the story keeps going.

The game ends when the last person has gone, when the cards run out or when everyone has had enough of it, it's an endless game! This game is better for children over the age of 6 to adults.

Ideas for cards:

It was a stormy night ....
The coffin creaked ...
A banshee screamed ...
A body lay in the corner! It looked like ...
The candlelight flickered in the wind ...
Inside the boiling pot, a hand bobbed ...
The claws belonged to a wolfman! ...
The door creaked open. It was a vampire! ...
The skeleton stood up and shook itself off ...
The goblet was filled with blood ...
As the light switched on, rats scattered ...
From the open grave rose a ...
Suddenly the severed head opend it's eyes! ...
I felt something moving on my shoulder, it was ...
The ghost moaned ...

What You Need:
Index cards
A pen
A minute timer.


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