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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Scarecrows have also become a source for wonderfully scary Halloween decorations. In fact, every year you see more and more springing up in front yards as part of yard haunts.

But instead of scaring birds, they are meant to frighten trick or treaters. Many people, both kids and adults, find clowns to be very scary, but weve always felt that a scarecrow was a very sinister looking, even menacing figure, particularly during the Halloween season.

Halloween Scarecrows
You can use a homemade scarecrow, buy one or use a Halloween prop like the one we bought at a local department store and used in this example.

Building the Scarecrow Mast
You will two boards, one 2x2x8 and one 2x2x4. When selecting the lumber for the scarecrow mast we try to choose straight, but less-than-perfect looking boards as they tend to look older and more weather beaten.

Stain both boards on all sides with oil based wood stain, we like a dark walnut stain, but you can use any color you wish or not paint them at all.

The eight foot board will be the vertical up-right of the mast, while the four foot board will be the horizontal. We use a bolt rather than screws or nails to attach the horizontal cross-member so that the mast can be easily disassembled for storage. Plus you can change the angle of the horizontal board if you want.

Lay the 2x4x4 board on top of the 2x4x8 board crossways so that the top of the horizontal board is about eight inches from the top of the vertical board. The idea here is that the top of the vertical board will be just below the head of the scarecrow, not above it.

Drill a hole in the center all the way through both boards. Push a bolt all the way through from the top to the back. Put a washer and bolt on and tighten.

With the mast laying on the ground, lay the scarecrow on top of it with its neck over the upper cross-member board. Use plastic cable-ties, rope or twine to secure the scarecrow to the mast at the neck, shoulders, wrists and ankles.

Dig a one foot deep hole large enough in diameter for the base of the mast to fit into. You can use either a shovel or a post hole digger like we did to dig the hole. Slide the base of the mast into the hole and fill with dirt. Tamp the dirt down around the board firmly to make a secure foundation.

Scarecrow Illumination
As with all Halloween decorations and props illumination is very important. If you under-light them they will not be very visible and have little or no impact on your visitors. Conversely, if you over-light them you can ruin the effect by making them to stark looking.

In the case of a Halloween scarecrow like the one above, we use a 25watt or 7watt amber colored light bulb in a metal housing (both available at most hardware stores) to illuminate our scarecrow.



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