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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Whether for your trick or treater's or your Halloween party guests, the entrance to your haunted home sets the mood for what lays beyond. Door trim and facades can be really impressive and show what a great Halloween Haunter you really are!

The "Skulls" Door Facade
One on top of the other, the pressure builds as these contorted skulls are stacked to over eighty inches high, and comes complete with three flickering electric candles.
Fits most standard residential doors!
We use a cob-web spinner to add a layer of creepy cobwebs!

Halloween theme door knockers can add the finishing touch to your home portal. The Skull Door Knocker shown to the left is a great example of some of the great door decorations available, and is the perfect accouterment to the Skull Door Frame Pillar!

Halloween Door Frame

The "Haunted Forest" Door Facade
Remember " Haunted Ghost" Stories told around a crackling campfire. Now think how dark the woods around you seemed. The woods come to life with snarling bark pumpkins and haunting long fingernail hands. What an evil looking entrance. Intricately carved, this great decoration is sure to get the attention of your trick or treaters.

We use one of these as the entrance to our haunted Halloween pumpkin patch. This hard foam door structure surrounds your entry way to give you the most "HAUNTING" look possible. Add your own moss and greenery to finish a very scary facade.

Halloween Door Frame

The "Chaotic Clock Tower" Door Facade
Gone, but not forgotten. No longer manufactured, the "Chaotic Clock Tower" door facade was like some bizarre and twisted decoration out of the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas", the Chaotic Clock Tower Door Trim set is an intricately designed door facade that is sure to get the attention of your trick or treaters. We add some cob webs to ours for that final touch!

This hard foam door structure surrounds your entry way to give you the most "creepy" look possible. The Chaotic Clock Tower Door Trim complete set includes: The Door topper plus four 40" tall door pillars.


Grim Reaper Lighted Door Display
Roll the dice and push beyond this door to reveal what may lie inside! The large Grim Reaper lights the way to what lies beyond the door.

Shrouded in black, the menacing, vacu-formed Grim Reaper head looks down at your guests, while the hands light their way with two candles (electric). This easy to hang door decoration is a low priced way to welcome your visitors on Halloween night!

Grim Reaper Door Frame

Gothic Archway
Going for that Goth-Vampire theme this Halloween? This archway appears to be hand carved out of stone. The columns on either side show a skeleton guardian standing upright with sword in hand.

The Gothic Archway makes a fantastic facade for your front door, or you can use it on interior doors as well. It ships in 5 pieces that are assembled using the hardware provided. Measures about 8'3" tall by 5'3" wide, so make sure you have enough clearance above your door for this great decoration!

Gothic Arch Door Frame

Click here for more information on Door Decorations


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