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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


It may sound funny, but we actually decorate our bathroom for Halloween. We began adding Halloween decorations to our guest bathroom as part of our Halloween party decorations. After all, at some point during the party we knew that our guests would need to freshen-up, so why not give them a special treat when they did.

Later, we began adding Halloween decorations to both of our bathrooms earlier in the month as part of our "Thirteen Days of Halloween" celebration.

There are a lot of Halloween decorations that can be used to add a spooky flair to your bathroom and the good news is that many are now being made specifically for that purpose. As with any decorating style, try to stick with matching or at least complimentary patterns and colors.

Below are some of the best decorations we've found for creating a Halloween bathroom.

Jack O' Lantern Bathroom Decor
As a combination, the  "Jack-O-Lantern" Halloween decorations shown below make for a very festive bathroom set.

The "Jack-O-Lantern Toilet Lid Cover" and "Jack-O-Lantern Toilet Rug" will really brighten up your bathroom for Halloween. The plush polyester toilet seat cover stretches to fit over a standard toilet lid. The plush, contoured rug fits around the base of your toilet.

The "Jack-O-Lantern Shower Curtain" is a pumpkin and star strewn polyester shower curtain that's perfect for Halloween. This shower curtain uses standard shower curtain hooks, but you can also buy the "Jack-O'-Lantern Shower Hooks" for an extra look of holiday elegance.

The pattern on the "Jack-O-Lantern Bath Mat" matches the print on the shower curtain above perfectly and looks great in front of the tub or shower.

The "Jack O' Lantern Bathroom Accessories Set" includes most of the bathroom essentials you will need including a Towel Ring, Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dish and even a Toilet Paper Holder. The "Jack-O-Lantern" style bathroom products are available exclusively from Terry's Village.

Add alternating orange and black colored bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. These are usually available at most department stores year round.

In 2008, Target stores introduced a wonderful and very unique Halloween bathroom set that included a Jack O' Lantern tissue holder, liquid soap dispenser (pictured right) and bath mat.

Toilet Tissue
Bet you didn't know that there was specialty colored toilet paper available. Renova Color Toilet Paper comes in four great colors that are perfect for Halloween: black, red, orange and green. This toilet paper is a biodegradable, non-toxic, soothing tissue and does not bleed any color when wet. Available from: Satin Box. Don't forget a bar of appropriately colored hand soap, and a small basket filled with Autumn scented potpourri is a nice touch.

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Jack O' Lantern Bathroom Decor
Jack O' Lantern Bathroom Decor
Jack O' Lantern Bathroom Decor
Halloween Bathroom Towels
Colored Toilet Paper


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