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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Autumn floral arraignments are a beautiful way to begin the month of October and are incredibly easy to make. We almost always use artificial flowers and foliage in our floral displays, so that we can use them year after year.

Pumpkin Floral Arraignment
You can make a very festive Autumn floral display with only one pumpkin, some assorted artificial Fall colored leaves and flowers, a bag of Autumn scented potpourri and a minimum of effort.

The first step is to decide what size floral arrangement you will need for the size table it will be placed on, and choose the size of the pumpkin accordingly. To large of a display will over power the table. While one to small will look not be as noticeable.

Halloween Floral Arraignments

Next, you need to cut the top of the pumpkin off and gut it just as you would if you were going to carve it. Using a long, thin bladed knife, cut out the top of the pumpkin around the stem. The size of the hole should be about two-thirds the diameter of the pumpkin. Use extreme care not to cut yourself. Now use a large spoon to scrap the inside walls clean. Ice cream scoops work well for this.

Next, add about a cup or two of the potpourri to the bottom of the pumpkin. This combined with the natural fragrance of the pumpkin smells wonderful. Now you can add the flowers and foliage by bending and/or cutting there stems as needed. If the floral arraignment will be viewable from all sides, make sure that the flowers face in all directions. If not, just face them in the viewable area's.

Generally, you want to place large flowers in the center of the arraignment, smaller ones outside of these and buds around the outer edges of the arrangement.

Be sure to place your floral display on a large doily or placemat to prevent any marking on your table. The pumpkin will start to deteriorate and only last anywhere from a day to a week at most.

There are spray-on pumpkin preservers that help to restrict mold and extend the age of a pumpkin.

Halloween Floral Arraignments

Witches Cauldron Display
Making a floral display from a small plastic cauldron is even easier than from a pumpkin because you don't have to gut the pumpkin.

All you need is a cauldron, assorted artificial Fall colored leaves and flowers, and a bag of scented potpourri.

Just add some potpourri to the bottom of the cauldron and then add the flowers and foliage you've chosen by bending and/or cutting there stems as needed.

Halloween Floral Arraignments

13 Black Roses
Nothing say's I love you like bouquet of black roses! My wife and I were married on Halloween night and for our thirteenth wedding anniversary I made a very special and appropriate flower arraignment for her.

I placed thirteen artificial black roses to symbolize the number of years we had been together into a tall glass vase.

I added a small amount of assorted dark colored foliage, then filled the vase to the top with ruby red decorative glass pebbles.

Halloween Floral Arraignments


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