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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Here's a very creepy piece of Halloween jewelry that is inexpensive and easy to make. In this example, we used a large fake black widow spider, but there are all sorts of menacing things you can use such as a bat, scorpion, tarantula, centipede, etc. If you want something less creepy you could use a small flat Jack O' Lantern or skull.

We chose to make it as a broach, instead of a necklace, so that the creepy-crawler appears to be crawling on the wearer. All you need for this project is a Halloween decoration of your choosing, a broach back, sand paper or nail file and a hot glue gun.

Do-it-yourself broach backs are available at craft stores or in the craft section at your local department store. They come in a couple of different sizes, so make sure that you buy one that is of the appropriate size for the decoration it will be mounted to. Some of them come with a sticky backing to mount the chosen decoration to, we prefer to remove this and hot glue it to the decoration for extra strength, particularly if the decoration is large and heavy.

If you can't find the type without the sticky foam pad, remove it from the broach back by simply scraping it off with a thumb-nail or small knife. Next, a small piece of sand paper or a nail file is used to roughen-up the back of the decoration where the broach back is to be attached, giving the glue a better surface to adhere to.

Before using the glue gun, let it heat-up to its recommended operating temperature. Being careful not to burn yourself, run a bead of hot glue along the back of the broach back hardware and quickly press the glued side of the broach back against the area of the decoration that you sanded. Again, don't let the hot glue touch your fingers, its very hot and will burn your skin!

Make sure that the broach back is positioned in the right place and oriented in the right direction, then press it onto the decoration.

When wearing this spooky jewelry, try to wear a contrasting color to the Halloween decoration you mounted on the broach, so that it will be more visible. Since the spider on our broach is black, you might not want to wear a black colored blouse, as the spider would blend in and be difficult to see. If you really want to get wild, place several of these on your clothing, such as one on your should, one on your back and another one on a pants leg. If you expect to be around black lights, you could use a glow-in-the-dark Halloween decoration.


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