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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Soul Taker

What Halloween Haunt or Graveyard would be complete without Mister Bones himself, the Grim Reaper, watching ominously over your Trick or Treaters?

This foreboding figure is actually very easy to put together, always stands out and is a great way to scare mortals to death, and not just on Halloween!

Below are the details on how we created the Ultimate Grim Reaper for our Halloween Graveyard.

Reaper Mask

The easiest way to create a Grim Reaper is by using a black hooded robe, skeleton mask and a good pair of skeleton hands like these shown here.

Add a scythe and little black around the eyes to fill in the eye holes and you have a Grim Reaper.

Reaper Hands

We wanted our Soul Taker to look exactly like the real thing, and not wanting to invite him to our office for consultation, we turned to those demented characters at The ScreamTeam.

ScreamTeam Latex KitTheir "Bones" prosthetic appliance looks real and very creepy. Designed to be easily applied, it's the perfect choice for the Bogey Man himself. This high quality foam latex prosthetic is easy to apply and clean off afterward and with proper care can be used over and over again which is always a plus (Item: HFLP102).They also have a video tape available to instruct you on application.


In addition to the Bones kit there are a few things you will need to apply the prosthetic including: spirit gum, rubber mask grease paint, baby powder and some cosmetic sponges, cotton puffs, Q-Tips and brushes. The ScreamTeam also carries a make-up kit specifically designed for their appliances that you may want to invest in.

The ScreamTeam Make-up Kit Includes:

1-  5.5 oz rubber mask grease paint palette with 8 colors: black, white, red, brown, green, dark yellow and two shades of flesh tone.
1 - #2 make-up brush
2 - sponge wedge applicators
1 - black stipple sponge
1 - 1/4 oz. bottle of spirit gum
1 - 1/4 oz. bottle of spirit gum remover
2 - cotton swab applicators
1 - .25 oz bottle of face powder
1 - 2.5" double-sided velour powder puff
and a convenient case for only $29.95

The first step is to attach the appliance to the face using spirit gum. This should be done nose first, you will get a better fit that way. From there you go up to the forehead, and then down to the chin. Use a liberal amount of spirit gum as you go along so it all stays attached. It will easily come off with spirit gum remover or alcohol when you want it to. When it is all attached, you now apply a base coat of grease paint make-up in the desired color, we used a mixture of white, a touch of black and a touch of yellow. Use a sponge to apply to latex then work out to skin. Always pat the makeup in, never rub.

Reaper Makeup - Appliance In Place
Next you'll want to start adding low lights or shadows, darken all recessed areas. The latex appliance is great for this, as the creases are in it, that makes shadowing so much easier for a first time user. Don't forget to black out the missing teeth. You'll also want to highlight as well, we used white mixed with some yellow and applied it to the cheekbones and whitened the teeth in. I used my finger tip to really get into the eye sockets and added extra shadowing, then used the brush to lay on heavy black. Finish it all off with powder to set the make-up, making it smear free. Reaper Makeup - Adding Grease Paint
There are a lot of black hooded robes on the market, but if you want to be the Grim Reaper with class you'll absolutely want the Super Deluxe Black Full Cut Robe! This costume is made from heavy-weight material and cut with long, billowing sleeves making it one of the best Grim Reaper costumes we've seen. This is, by far, the more superior costume, very well made and will last for many Halloweens' to come. The set, manufactured by Rubies, includes the Robe with cowl and hood, and is available at better Halloween stores around the country.

Add to this a pair of skeleton gloves to complete the look!

Reaper Makeup - Finished Look

The scythe pictured at the top is the real thing! However, since these are incredibly sharp and could pose a serious safety hazard, you should go with one of the plastic sort for your actual Halloween Haunt.


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