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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Pirates are hot this year, after all, who wouldn't want to be Captain Jack Sparrow™? Or maybe a sexy lady pirate? Let your imagination run wild and soon you'll be off on a deserted island with your captive, a bottle of rum and your Pirate's booty!

The Pirate Caribbean Standard will get you going in the right direction. This basic costume will get you started. You can add a hat with dreads, eye patch, Capt. Jack goatee and a Pirate's sword to finish off the look. You could also add a belt pouch brimming over with gold coins and beads to give that "just been out pillaging" look.

Pirate Caribbean Standard

Theatrical Quality Deluxe Captain Cut Throat

This pirate ensemble includes gold brocade vest with attached satin sleeves and ruffled collar, long blue coat with metallic braid trim and gold antique buttons, hat with gold trim, black vinyl boot tops trimmed with gold braid, black satin eye-patch, clip-on pirate earring. Pants and shoes not included. Goes great with the Deluxe Pirate's Wench, below, for a prize winning couples costumes! You'll be the hit of the party!

Being a Pirate will allow you to cut loose and enjoy your Halloween night! Pirates, traditionally, were free-spirited  scallywags. Make sure that you get into character and let that rebel side come out for the night! Steal a few kisses, grab a bottle of rum and set sail for the night!

Theatrical Quality Deluxe Captain Cut Throat

Theatrical Quality Deluxe Pirate's Wench

Be the sexiest wench at the Halloween party! This striking pirate costume includes a mid length, red crushed panne and white satin dress with ruffled lace cuffs, gold trimmed lace-up black vinyl vest, tulle petticoat, striped sash, striped bandana, velvet jeweled choker. Add a pair of boots and fishnet hose to finish the look.

This costume goes well with the one above to make a great couples costume set. You'll feel like sailing the seven seas and living the Pirate's life when you and your significant other are dressed to kill in these costumes. Let your Pirate persona come out to play! Maybe you'll steal the best costume prize this year!

Theaterical Quality Deluxe Pirate's Wench

Cut Throat Pirate

Be a character straight from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest®" this Halloween. The Cut Throat Pirate ensemble includes a poly shirt with lace treatment, double knit poly pants, head tie, boot covers, a belt and wrist cuffs.  Sword is sold separately. Add an eye patch, a Capt. Jack goatee, a hat and dread wig to this costume to make it your own look.

This costume is a very sexy look for a man! Pirate costumes are popular with the success of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Watch "Curse of the Black Pearl" for some attitude inspiration and get the whole pirate package going! You'll be out pillaging on the high seas before you know it!

Cut Throat Pirate

This Gothy looking Swashbuckler costume will have the men groveling to be captured and whisked away to a deserted island! The costume comes with a polyester dress and sash. Dress it up with a pair of fishnet stockings, boots and a fancy hat! A flowing black cape would also set this off perfectly!

Let your Pirate Goddess side come out in this costume! Dress it up as much as you want with some thigh high boots, hat, fishnets and a seductive make-up. Add a black cape or duster to this costume and really finish it off! Don't forget to add in that haughty buccaneer attitude to go with it. You'll shiver their timbers in this outfit on Halloween night!

Swashbuckler Lady

Pirate Wench

Take all the men at the party captive!! You'll be a strong,, sexy Pirate lass in this Pirate Wench costume!  This costume comes with a corset, blouse and skirt. Tights and sword sold separately. Dress it up with a long, flowing wig or the one pictured in the middle, below in the Extras section.

It comes with the wig, a faux suede bandana and beads in the hair. A perfect look for this costume! Add a Pirate sword and a belt pouch to carry those necessities for make-up touch ups during the night, and you'll be capturing hearts all night long!

Pirate Wench

Don't forget to add these extras!

You'll need the proper Pirate hat, wig, Capt. Jack goatee, eye patch, sword, belt pouch, maybe some gold coins to toss around and if you like, a parrot on your shoulder! Remember, adding the right props can make your costume pop and stand out from all the rest!


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