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Halloween Guide and Ideas


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Halloween Guide and Ideas
Halloween Guide and Ideas


Tin Foil (or tooth trays if you have some)
Small paintbrush (it can be a cheap one)
Paper towels or napkins

1) Unless you have tooth trays, use the tin foil to make some temporary ones. Make a "U" shape about the same size as your top teeth and about 1 wide, then set it in your mouth and use your fingers to work it into a trough shape around your teeth. Pull it out of your mouth and pull the trough a little wider so there's room around your teeth when you put it in your mouth. It should look somewhat like a mouth guard does (like for boxing).

2) Mix up about a tablespoon of alginate and drop it into the tray, the tray should be about 2/3 full.

3) Shove the tray over your teeth, making sure that you keep alginate around all the sides of your teeth - especially the bottom of your tray, don't bite down too hard or there won't be any alginate between your teeth and the tray bottom. Work over a sink and lean forward a little so excess alginate doesn't run down your throat. You can spit out some excess as long as you don't move the tray around much.

4) Let the alginate set. It only takes a few minutes and you should be able to feel it go rubbery with your tongue. Then carefully pull out the tray (over a sink because you'll probably drool some). Spit out any globs and rinse out your mouth to get any little bits, alginate isn't dangerous at all but it's slimy feeling.

5) Carefully rinse out the tray and dab the water out with a paper towel.

6) Mix up about a tablespoon of plaster and use the paintbrush to coat the inside of the alginate mold, getting into all the cracks and crannies. Fill the mold with plaster and gently tap and rock it to get rid of any air bubbles. Let the plaster dry.

7) Carefully peel out the plaster copy of your teeth. It will be very exact replicas of your teeth. If the alginate is still ok, we suggest making another 1 or 2 plaster copies (they break easily).

Easy Custom Fangs

Tooth cast
Fimo, Sculpty, or other oven bake polymer clay (white or cream colored)
Paint (craft paints work) or Tooth dyes for color (optional)

1) Take your Fimo and work it in your hands until it's warm and soft. Make several smal balls about the size of a pencil eraser.

2) Use these small balls over the plaster positive of your teeth to form your fangs. Try to keep the edges smooth and make sure that the clay fits over the front of the tooth and up at least half way on the back (to keep it on). Shape the clay however you want the teeth or fangs to look, keeping in mind that you have to shape them so that they don't interfere with your gums and allow you to close your mouth.

3) Smooth out any fingerprints on your final model or add texture if wanted.

4) Take the positive with the teeth on it and put it on a cookie sheet in a preheated oven as directed on the clay's packaging. Bake until finished. Check regularly to make sure the fangs aren't burning!

5) Carefully wiggle the fangs off of the plaster positive. The plaster may break, but try not to tear the fangs. If you have problems removing the fangs and need to try on another positive, try smearing a little petroleum jelly on the plaster before attaching any Fimo.

6) Test the fangs over your own (or your subject's teeth) teeth. If there are any sharp edges use sandpaper to dull them. Then use paint or tooth stain to color the fangs as needed. The small acrylic craft paints from craft supply stores usually work fine, but you migh need a few coats before you get proper coverage. If the paint won't stop peeling off when your fangs get wet, try coating them with a paint sealer or clear nail polish.

7) Your fangs are now done. They should fit perfectly over your own teeth and feel fairly comfortable. If they don't stay in place by themselves, use a little denture adhesive to hold the fangs/teeth in place. Don't bit down too hard on your fangs or eat with them in, because one may come loose and be swallowed.

A Tip to Try from S.C.R.E.A.M. Member jlewis

Impression plates can be made easily out of matboard. Custom fit the trays to your jaw by simply measuring your jaw by biting the surface and tracing. Then measure the distance from bottom of your teeth to about a fourth inch above gum line and add that to the edges of your tracing. You can make a tray that is very similar to what you see in the dentist's office.


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