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Halloween Guide and Ideas


Halloween Guide and Ideas


Pumpkin Carving - Pumpkinstein Pumpkins

Farmer Grows Frankenstein Shaped Pumpkins

Tony Dighera, a California farmer is getting a lot of attention this October, by producing real pumpkins in the shape of the Frankenstein monster's face! Dighera, creates his monster-pieces, nicknamed "Pumpkinstein", by growing the pumpkins in specially designed plastic molds on his forty acre pumpkin patch from seedling to harvest. By growing the pumpkin inside the mold, it takes on the mold's characteristics as it grows larger and larger.

Back in 2010, Dighera began experimenting with various plastic molds and a variety of watermelon seeds after learning about square watermelons being grown in Japan. After trying a slew of seed varieties, he finally produced a sweet, crisp, cube-shaped watermelon. With this success he moved on to a heart-shaped melon mold and finally pumpkins. After pouring almost four years of his life into this creepy creation, including a lot of trial and error, he has created a wonderful monster just in time for Halloween.

Since then, he has been selling his unique pumpkins for a whopping seventy-five dollars each and that's the wholesale price! Even at that price he has been doing a great business having sold more than five thousand of them for the 2014 Halloween season. Hopefully, the frightening price will come down as demand increases. Next year he plans to devote his entire farm to the eerie shaped pumpkins and will be adding white skull-shaped pumpkins to the farm, and hopes to produce between thirty to forty thousand of the monster faced fruit. Cinagro Farms



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